Flights Started on the Touristic Eastern Express, One of the Most Beautiful Train Routes in the World

Tourist Attractions Eastern Express
Tourist Attractions Eastern Express

📩 30/09/2023 19:25

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloğlu stated that there will be three trips a week starting from December with the "Touristic Eastern Express" on the Ankara-Kars route, which is among the top 4 most beautiful train routes in the world, and said, "With the express this season, there will be 42 trips in the Ankara-Kars direction and 42 in the Kars-Ankara direction "84 flights will be carried out," he said.

Stating that Turkey is advantageous in terms of domestic and international train tours due to its geographical location, Uraloğlu said that regular train tours were made in this context from the 1990s to the mid-2000s.

Stating that the Touristic Eastern Express has attracted great attention in recent years and is the center of attention of travel enthusiasts of all ages and nationalities, Uraloğlu said, “The Touristic Eastern Express will operate three days a week starting from December. The express will operate from Ankara between 11 December 2023-8 March 2024 and from Kars between 13 December 2023-10 March 2024. It will depart from Ankara on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and from Kars on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. "Touristic Eastern Express will make a total of 42 trips this season, 42 in the Ankara-Kars direction and 84 in the Kars-Ankara direction," he said.

Touristic Eastern Express went on its first voyage from Ankara to Kars. The train, which will cover the distance between Ankara and Kars in 32 hours, has 2 wagons, 1 service, 6 dining and 9 beds. Ticket prices for the Touristic Eastern Express are 1 TL if traveling as a single person in a room.

The Train Will Stop at Touristic Places

Uraloğlu stated that the train that will travel consists of 8 bed cars and 1 dining car, and its capacity is 160 people.

Stating that ticket sales for 8 of the 6 sleeping wagons in the train organization will be made through travel agencies, and 2 wagons will be sold to individual passengers by TCDD, Uraloğlu said, “Instead of a fixed price application for the Touristic Eastern Express this season, variable prices will be made, taking into account economic conditions, operating costs and demand situation. policy was implemented. To visit the historical and touristic places on its route, the Express will stop in Erzincan and Erzurum in the Ankara-Kars direction, and in İliç, Divriği and Sivas in the Kars-Ankara direction, for approximately 3 hours each. said.

Advantages of Touristic Eastern Express

Touristic Eastern Express stands out with the advantages it offers to its passengers. Among them:

  • A unique travel experience: Touristic Eastern Express offers its passengers the opportunity to see the most beautiful views of Turkey. During the journey, passengers have the chance to see lush green forests, snowy mountains, historical and touristic places up close.
  • A journey in touch with nature: Touristic Eastern Express offers its passengers a journey experience intertwined with nature. During the journey, passengers pass through pine forests, plateaus, rivers and lakes.
  • A cultural journey: Touristic Eastern Express offers its passengers the opportunity to get to know different cultures. Throughout the journey, passengers have the chance to get to know the rich culture of Anatolia.

What to do on the Touristic Eastern Express?

Passengers on the Touristic Eastern Express can make their journey more enjoyable by doing different activities. Among them:

  • Enjoying coffee and tea: Coffee and tea are served to passengers on the Touristic Eastern Express. Passengers can relax by drinking coffee and tea during the trip.
  • Food feast: Delicious meals are served to passengers on the Touristic Eastern Express. Passengers can taste the flavors of Anatolian cuisine during the trip.
  • To take photos: Touristic Eastern Express offers unique views to passengers. Passengers can immortalize their journey by taking photos during the trip.

How to Buy a Ticket for the Touristic Eastern Express?

Touristic Eastern Express tickets can be purchased through travel agencies or from TCDD's website. Ticket prices vary depending on travel date and wagon type.

Suggestions for Traveling on the Touristic Eastern Express

Here are some suggestions for traveling on the tourist Eastern Express:

  • Get your tickets early: The touristic Eastern Express attracts great interest, especially on weekends. You can increase your chances of finding a seat by purchasing your tickets early.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: The journey on the touristic Eastern Express may take a long time. You can make your journey more comfortable by wearing comfortable clothes.
  • Have your camera with you: Touristic Eastern Express offers unique views to passengers. By keeping your camera with you, you can take unforgettable photos during your trip.

Touristic Eastern Express offers a unique opportunity to discover Turkey. By traveling on this train, you can get to know the unique landscapes and culture of Anatolia.