The foundation of Kumluca Atatürk Stadium was laid with a ceremony

The foundation of Kumluca Atatürk Stadium was laid with a ceremony
The foundation of Kumluca Atatürk Stadium was laid with a ceremony

📩 29/09/2023 15:02

Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin BöcekThe groundbreaking ceremony of the Atatürk Stadium, which will host various events such as football, wrestling and concerts, which was promised to Kumluca, was held. Minister Muhittin BöcekHe promised that the stadium project, which will cost approximately 100 million liras, will be put into service in March.

Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin BöcekTogether with Kumluca Mayor Mustafa Köleoğlu, he laid the foundation of the Kumluca Atatürk Stadium Project, the construction of which was started by the Metropolitan Municipality. CHP Antalya Deputy Cavit Arı, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Atatürk Stadium Project in Kumluca Karatepe location. Muhittin Böcek, Kumluca District Governor Tekin Erdemir, Kumluca Mayor Mustafa Köleoğlu, Elmalı, Finike and Demre Mayors, council members, headmen and many citizens attended.


Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin BöcekSince the day they took office, from Gazipaşa to Kaş, 'You and I do not exist, we exist. He stated that they continue their services with the understanding of 'We do it together'. Mayor Böcek underlined that, as Turkey's most indebted municipality to date, they continue to invest on the one hand and implement projects that are in the public interest, on the other hand, and said, “We have completed the projects that need to be done in 19 districts, which are in the public interest, especially the infrastructure and superstructure, respectively. We have provided many services to Kumluca, from farmer cards to packaging and drying facilities. Today, we are fulfilling our promise on an iftar day. "We are laying the foundation of our Atatürk Stadium project," he said.


Stating that Atatürk Stadium will host many events as well as sports competitions, Mayor Böcek said, “The cost of the project will reach 100 million with the price differences that will occur in the new year. We will complete it in March in cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality and Kumluca Municipality. I took the word from the contractor company. We will open it together in March. I hope that our Atatürk stadium will be beneficial to the 100th anniversary of the Republic. "We will continue our work with determination and determination," he said.


Speaking at the ceremony, Kumluca Mayor Mustafa Köleoğlu stated that he was happy to bring a beautiful stadium to Kumluca. Minister Muhittin BöcekDescribing the projects that 's brought to Kumluca, Köleoğlu said, "We promised 41 projects in 41 neighborhoods with my Mayor Muhittin. He completed our unfinished mosque. It caused Kumluca's zoning planning to be made. We said Erentepe road, he immediately solved its asphalt, had hot asphalt poured in our industry, had asphalt poured in Söğütcuma, and opened the first nursery in Kumluca. Turkey's largest indoor playground will be built here. The groundbreaking ceremony will take place soon. He founded Kumluca Beton. As if that wasn't enough, he also provided gas station support. We will lay the foundation for it soon. I wish Kumluca Atatürk Stadium good luck. "I thank our president wholeheartedly," he said.

The foundation has been laid

Kumluca District Governor Tekin Erdemir also wished that the stadium would be beneficial to the people of Kumluca. After the speeches, the film introducing the services provided by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality to Kumluca was watched. Later, the foundation of Kumluca Atatürk Stadium was laid with the participation of Mayor Böcek and all protocol members and prayers.


Kumluca Atatürk Stadium, which will be used for multi-purpose, will be built on a 13 thousand 200 square meter part of the 6 thousand 650 square meter area. The project, with a capacity of 2890 spectators, will include an administrative area, toilet, disabled toilet, shower, changing rooms, storage areas, energy room and water tank. The project, which also has a 2000 square meter green area, also has a parking lot with a capacity of 97 vehicles.