Countdown Started at Kartepe Teleferik

Countdown Started at Kartepe Teleferik
Countdown Started at Kartepe Teleferik

📩 29/09/2023 14:10

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın examined the works on site in the Kartepe Cable Car project, which is currently under construction. Test drives of the project, which will connect Derbent and Kuzuyayla, are planned to start on October 29, Republic Day. Mayor Büyükakın said that the countdown has begun for Kartepe's dream for years to come true. Mayor Büyükakın said, ''We will say that it was a dream and came true! "We are working with all our strength to complete the test drive of our cable car line by October 29," he said.


Mayor Büyükakın, who first examined the station in Derbent, was accompanied by AK Party Kocaeli Deputy Sami Çakır, AK Party Provincial Chairman Şahin Talus, Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman, Deputy Secretary General Gökmen Mengüç, Sadık Uysal, Hasan Aydınlık. Mayor Büyükakın, who received information from the newly established Rail Systems Department Head Fatih Gürel and the contractor company officials, expressed his satisfaction with the rapid progress of the project. Mayor Büyükakın was informed that in addition to the construction work at Derbent and Kuzuyayla stations, environmental regulations, infrastructure, parking lot and social areas were also built, and it was also stated that the cable car system and its parts were all produced.


The cable car journey between Derbent and Kuzuyayla will take 14 minutes. The cable car will start from an altitude of 331 meters and go up to 1421 meters. During the journey, passengers in the cabin will have the chance to watch the magnificent Gulf view. The 4 poles to be erected on the 695 thousand 16 meter long Derbent-Kuzuyayla route will be 200 meters away from each other. The height of the poles from the ground was planned to be 43-45 meters. The installation of the pulleys at Derbent and Kuzuyayla locations, which are the starting and ending points of the cable car route, has also been completed.


The cable car line, which will be a center of attraction for tourism, will consist of a single rope, detachable terminal blocks and cabins for 10 people. 2 cabins will serve in the cable car project, which will include 73 stations. The elevation distance on the cable car line, which has a capacity of 500 people per hour, will be 90 meters.


On the other hand, the Metropolitan Municipality, which rapidly continues the construction of the cable car project, started the work on the project prepared on an area of ​​200 thousand square meters in Kuzuyayla Nature Park, located at the top of the cable car. Kuzuyayla, which will attract great attention from citizens with the completion of the cable car project, will be one of the summits where nature lovers will have pleasant moments. Within the scope of the 200 thousand square meter project, there will be picnic areas, natural gas barbecue unit, restaurant, prayer room, tiny house area, caravan camping area, car park, nature school, carriage cafe and sales points. While the construction of the restaurant has started, work continues in coordination at other points.


The Metropolitan Municipality's investments in the region are not limited to just superstructure. The Metropolitan Municipality, which also takes care of the infrastructure, is also working on drinking water and waste water lines. After the completion of the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality, Kuzuyayla is expected to host many visitors.