Parking-Valet Application in Kayseri Received High Marks from Drivers

Park and Valet Application in Kayseri Received High Marks from Drivers
Park and Valet Application in Kayseri Received High Marks from Drivers

📩 25/09/2023 14:08

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. The Park-and-Vale application, which was put into service by the company and provides great convenience for drivers, is welcomed by vehicle drivers.

The Park-and-Vale application of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc., which aims to provide convenience to vehicle drivers in the city regarding parking, provides a convenient and comfortable experience for vehicle drivers.

With the ongoing practice in Kaleönü, drivers who want to park their vehicles are saved from time and the hassle of searching for a parking lot.


While this practice was appreciated by Kayseri residents and vehicle drivers coming to the city, one citizen said, “The staff protects our vehicles as if they were their own. He expressed his satisfaction by saying, “We are very pleased with this service.”

While looking for a parking space in the Kaleönü parking area, a citizen driver stated that his work became easier thanks to the valet and said, "We had a lot of trouble when looking for a parking space. The staff welcomes us very well and helps us. "Thanks to this application, we did not have to look for a parking space, we had easier access to our destination," he said.


While the vehicle to be parked by the Metropolitan Municipality parking lot personnel is collected from the driver at the Kaleönü Valet Point, it is parked at the Bedesten Multi-Storey Car Park. You register to the system with the vehicle, license plate and driver contact information, and a link and password are sent to the phone number provided. When you want to pick up the vehicle, you can click on the link sent to your mobile phone and leave a note stating when you want the vehicle to be picked up. Drivers are also warned not to keep valuables in their vehicles.