Mercedes-Benz's GLC Coupe Model is in Turkey with its Renewed Design

Mercedes Benz's GLC Coupe Model is in Turkey with its Renewed Design
Mercedes Benz's GLC Coupe Model is in Turkey with its Renewed Design

📩 21/09/2023 13:32

As the sporty version of the GLC SUV, it completes the best-selling Mercedes-Benz product family. The new GLC Coupé stands out with its stylish design and dynamic driving pleasure. It offers a quality interior with its remarkable body proportions and carefully shaped curves.

GLC Coupé combines sporty performance with high efficiency. It is supported by electric drive technology as a mild hybrid with 48 volt technology and an integrated starter generator. New GLC Coupé; Regardless of off-road or on-road, it feels at home in almost all driving environments with its comfort and agility. The standard sports suspension improves driving dynamics, while the 4,5° rear axle steering increases maneuverability. This function is available in conjunction with the AIRMATIC air suspension as part of the Technology Package. 4MATIC four-wheel drive feature contributes to off-road performance.

The new GLC Coupé sets high standards in every detail. MBUX infotainment system displays a more user-friendly structure with its latest generation. Live images on the driver display and center display make it easier to control vehicle and comfort functions. Full-screen navigation provides the best possible route guidance. An augmented reality function is also offered for navigation. The camera constantly scans the front of the vehicle. In addition to moving images, the central screen displays virtual objects, information and signs, including traffic signs, direction arrows and lane change recommendations.

The intuitive voice assistant “Hey Mercedes” responds increasingly effectively to natural language and user preferences. Music streaming services and personal settings can be seamlessly integrated into MBUX.

GLC Coupe

Exterior design: Emotional purity, intelligence and emotion

The new GLC Coupé draws attention with its sporty silhouette and immediately makes you feel that it is a member of the Mercedes-Benz SUV family. The seamless transition from the headlights to the radiator grille emphasizes the width of the car. Muscular wheel arches enhance the appearance. With the AMG Design Concept, 19- or 20-inch wheels and body-coloured wheel arch trims come into play. Each of the 18- to 20-inch wheels, offered depending on the equipment level and option, complements the stylish and sporty design of the GLC Coupé, while also contributing to the aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle.

Interior design: Modern and sporty

The interior of the new GLC Coupé is equipped with the sporty AMG level as standard. The front console has a simple design. The driver can easily access all driving information with the 12,3-inch high-resolution LCD screen. The 11,9-inch central display appears to float in the air, as does the driver information display.

The door panels surround both ends of the front console with their modern design. The door center panel with integrated armrest switches from vertical to horizontal. The metallic decoration in this area continues the front console design.

The seats add visual spaciousness to the interior with their layers and shaped surfaces. The head restraints and their connections to the backrest with a closed cover are presented with a new design.

Ease of daily use with size concept and practical details

The dimensions emphasize the dynamic and muscular appearance of the new GLC Coupé. With a length of 4.763 mm, it is 31 mm longer and 5 mm higher than its predecessor. Track widths increased by 6 mm to 1.627 mm at the front and by 23 mm to 1.640 mm at the rear. Width remains unchanged at 1.890 mm. The increase in trunk volume makes the GLC Coupé a good companion for long journeys. The trunk volume has increased by 45 liters compared to its predecessor, reaching 545 liters. With the rear seats folded, the volume reaches 90 liters, an increase of 1.490 liters compared to its predecessor. The electric EASY-PACK tailgate is also offered as standard.

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Significantly improved aerodynamics

Aerodynamic drag and wind noise have been optimized through extensive digital flow simulations (CFD) and aero acoustic wind tunnel tests, and the GLC Coupé shows significant improvements in aerodynamics. The minimum drag coefficient of the GLC Coupé in the optimal configuration is 0,27 Cd. This represents a 3 percent improvement (Cd = 0,30) compared to its predecessor. The new GLC Coupé is a very quiet vehicle with low rolling and wind noise, thanks to the acoustic optimization of its body and improved sound insulation. Acoustic membrane on the windshield is standard equipment. The new panoramic glass roof is 6 cm longer than the new GLC SUV.

Comfort everywhere: Improvements in many details

The Mercedes-Benz concept for networked comfort systems is called ENERGIZING. The optional ENERGIZING Plus package combines up to seven comfort programs while bringing systems to life with the touch of a button or voice command. The system also creates a harmonious atmosphere in the interior. There are refreshing mode options for tiredness and relaxing mode options for high stress levels.

The AIR-BALANCE package is part of the ENERGIZING Plus package and offers a light fragrance experience in the interior according to personal preferences or mood. Additionally, outdoor and indoor air is ionized and filtered. ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL constantly monitors the air quality inside the vehicle using air quality and fine particle sensors. It activates air circulation if the thresholds are exceeded. The two-stage filter also filters out fine dust and large amounts of pollutants from the air.

Even more advanced standard equipment features

The standard equipment of the new GLC Coupé includes many different features. Additionally, the package logic is now much simpler. Features that customers often combined in the past are now offered in packages. Of course, it is also possible to configure the vehicles individually with options such as color, upholstery, coating and rims.

Engines: Electrically assisted four-cylinder engines

The new GLC Coupé is offered with electrically assisted powertrain systems. The 48-volt integrated electrical system increases efficiency with functions such as gliding, acceleration and energy recovery.

Suspension: Agile and safe

The dynamic suspension system of the new GLC Coupé is based on a new four-link front suspension and a multi-link independent rear suspension mounted on the subframe. Variable steering ratio is standard on all versions along with sports suspension. Additionally, the Technology Package is offered as an option. This activates the AIRMATIC air suspension 4.5° angle rear axle steering function.

At speeds below 60 km/h, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction of the front wheels and up to 4,5° when parking. The wheelbase thus feels shorter. This improves the maneuverability of the vehicle. In addition, the turning circle is reduced by 90 cm to 10,9 meters. At speeds of 60 km/h and above, the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front wheels by up to 4,5°. The extended wheelbase provides superior handling stability and stability during rapid lane changes or sudden obstacle avoidance manoeuvres. In addition, the system responds more sensitively to steering commands. Rear axle steering is combined with a more direct steering ratio at the front axle. Thus, the number of turns of the steering wheel decreases.

Advanced parking systems for low-speed maneuvering support

Thanks to more powerful environmental sensors, parking systems better support drivers during maneuvers. The integration of sensors into MBUX provides a more intuitive experience, while the display provides additional support. In addition, emergency braking functions help protect other vehicles and pedestrians using the road to increase road safety.

The new Parking Package with 360° camera comes as standard and also includes the 'transparent hood' and active parking assist functions with PARKTRONIC. Surround vision and parking assistance make maneuvering easier. The central screen clearly shows the immediate surroundings. Four cameras, front, rear and both sides, create a virtual 360° bird's eye view. The screen also includes different view modes.

Hills and valleys: off-roading with the GLC Coupé

As before, the new GLC Coupé has many new features and systems that are also suitable for off-road driving. Standard equipment includes off-road driving mode and DSR (Downhill Speed ​​Regulation). This provides a more controlled ride in difficult off-road driving.

GLC Coupé with 360° camera offers a 'transparent hood' function in off-road mode. The central display shows a virtual view of the front of the vehicle from below, including the front wheels and steering angle. This allows the driver to more easily notice obstacles such as large stones or deep potholes.

Terrain display mode clearly displays terrain information, controls and basic functions on two screens. The central display shows the steering angle of the front wheels as well as the vehicle's position on the terrain. If the vehicle has rear axle steering, the angle of the rear wheels is also reflected on the screen.

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Important information about the new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé:

Exterior design: The overall appearance is defined by the sporty coupé silhouette. At first glance, it feels elegant, dynamic and off-road. Chrome underride guards and black roof rails strengthen the visual identity. The new shaped side line gives the model a special stance. The headlights gently connect to the radiator grille, emphasizing the vehicle's sporty, muscular appearance. Another visual highlight is the radiator grille with the standard Mercedes-Benz pattern.

Interior design: The interior of the GLC Coupé combines sportiness with contemporary design. The front console is divided into two sections horizontally. A portrait-format central display adorns the center console. Avant-garde seat design and door panels emphasize the high quality of the interior.

Noise comfort: The new GLC Coupé is a vehicle with low rolling and wind noise. In this respect it even exceeds the high standard of its predecessor.

MBUX: The latest generation of the infotainment system has two large screens and full-screen navigation.

Ease of use: The “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant is even more responsive with optimized learning capabilities. The MBUX Smart Home function turns the GLC Coupé into a mobile control center for the networked home.

Entertainment: MBUX integrates all major music streaming providers, including personal preferences and settings. Burmester® Surround sound system offers a total sound output of 15 watts with 710 speakers.

Powertrain systems: Designed for the transition to electric like an SUV, the engine options of the new GLC Coupé include a four-cylinder diesel engine supported by an electric motor.

Comfort and agility: Sports suspension and variable ratio steering are standard in the new GLC Coupé. AIRMATIC air suspension features variable damping for compression and rebound. Optional rear axle steering provides additional agility and handling stability. The steering angle at the rear axle is up to 4,5°, reducing the turning circle by 90 cm to 10,9 metres.

Wind resistance: In the aerodynamically optimal configuration, the GLC Coupé has a minimum drag coefficient of 0,27 Cd. This represents a three percent improvement compared to the previous model (Cd = 0,30).

Assistance systems: The new generation of the Driving Assistance Plus package includes additional and advanced functions, including Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC, Active Steering Assist and Traffic Sign Assist. Added functions include Parking Package, Memory Parking Assist and Trailer Maneuvering Assist with 360° camera and 'transparent hood' function.

Comfort is everywhere: Many functions support in-cab comfort, including ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL, AIR-BALANCE, GUARD 360 and ambient lighting. The new panoramic sunroof is 6 cm longer than the GLC SUV.

Towing: The new trailer menu and towing route planner make towing safer and more enjoyable. In addition, the 4MATIC four-wheel drive system provides superior traction on any surface.