Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Established 13 Solar Power Plants

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Established a Solar Power Plant
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Established a Solar Power Plant

📩 21/09/2023 10:56

Thanks to the 14 solar power plants established by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with an investment of 13 million liras, 7 million liras of energy savings were achieved. Thus, greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 900 tons of carbon per year were prevented.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Climate Change and Zero Waste Department is increasing its environmental investments. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has turned to renewable energy sources to combat the global climate crisis that threatens the world, has established solar power plants (SPP) at critical points. Thanks to solar power plants, clean energy is obtained and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. Thus, the carbon footprint is reduced by preventing the damage caused by human activities to nature. With this work, the uninterrupted electricity needs of units that are critical during natural disasters are also met. Since the electricity of the facilities where solar power plants are located is provided by solar energy, costs are greatly reduced and savings are made.

Greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 900 tons of carbon were prevented

Explaining the importance of the investment, Climate Change and Clean Energy Branch Manager Ahmet Toker said that the promises made in the Covenant of Mayors, which was initiated by the European Commission and included local authorities as well as citizens in the efforts to combat global climate change, were fulfilled. Explaining the advantages of the Solar Power Plants established at 12 points as well as the Toros Campus of the Fire Department, Ahmet Toker said, "Thanks to the energy obtained annually in all our facilities, we have reached a production level that can meet the energy of approximately 900 households." Emphasizing that the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to approximately 900 tons of carbon were prevented with the energy obtained from solar power plants, Toker stated that in this way, they prevented the release of carbon into nature, which would be absorbed by 2 thousand trees during the year.

Energy costs have fallen

Emphasizing that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality meets 3 percent of its energy needs with the facilities it has established, Toker said, “An investment of approximately 14 million liras was made for SPPs that provide clean energy. We started to reap the rewards of our 14 million lira investment. For example, we have significantly reduced energy costs in facilities where electricity obtained from the sun is used. "We have saved 7 million lira so far," he said.