How Did Cost Increase Affect the Tourism Season?


📩 26/09/2023 10:40

POYD Bodrum Representative and Bodrium Hotel & SPA General Manager Yiğit Girgin: “The Season Met General Expectations; But We Couldn't Reach the True Potential"

Evaluating the 2023 summer season, POYD Bodrum Representative and Bodrium Hotel & SPA General Manager Yiğit Girgin said that the season met the general expectations, but they could not reach the real potential due to increasing costs.

Noting that there is a decrease in the number of flights to the city, especially from central European countries such as England, Germany and the Netherlands, Girgin stated that Bodrum has lost its price competitiveness in the international market.


Yiğit Girgin stated that, when looking at hotel occupancy, they had a season in line with expectations, in parallel with Bodrum in general, and continued: “Although our expectations were met in general, we could have been better in terms of both budget and occupancy. Because we experienced a very serious cost increase. The tourism sector actually has a structure that appeals to and revitalizes more than 60 sectors. The slowdown in hotels causes other sectors to slow down as well. Increasing inflation, personnel, energy and other costs are ultimately reflected in room prices. As an industry, we had already predicted this situation. We now face different scenarios every year. This process, which started with the pandemic, caused inflation to increase all over the world; It also caused the costs of all items such as food, energy and transportation to rise. We thought that we would achieve serious planning and increase as we said hello to 2023. However, as of the end of August, we experienced serious declines, especially in main markets such as the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. Planned flights did not take place. "This year's figures are behind last year's August."


Explaining that the increasing costs are also reflected in the price policies of the hotels, Girgin said: “Unfortunately, Bodrum has evolved into a different point with the increasing costs, rent and transportation. It was not possible for the existing infrastructure to respond to the city's increasing population during the summer months. On the other hand, unlike Turkey in general, Bodrum's price policy has evolved to a higher point. The season period has become even shorter depending on the price. For European tourists, Bodrum has no longer been competitive in terms of price. There is also a contraction in many sectors dealing with tourism. Actually, we are not against Airbnb. We are against an organization that is unlicensed, tax-free, unregistered and does not serve tourism. It is not logical and acceptable for some local and foreign people to rent their properties as they wish, while we, as tourism professionals, have undertaken such great responsibilities and costs and are subject to state regulations. This dealt a blow to tourism.”


Yiğit Girgin pointed out that Bodrum has a long season geographically and is suitable for accommodation in the months of October and November, and said that they are expecting tourists who want to stay at more affordable prices during this period.

Emphasizing that Bodrium's doors are open 12 months a year, Girgin said, “As Bodrium, we want to take more part in cultural and artistic activities in the coming period. Especially local tourists can find different activities for themselves throughout 12 months. Especially local tourists discovered the vineyards. The diversity of restaurants here in terms of gastronomy has also increased. The number of spas and beauty salons operating within hotels has also increased. These are important elements that will ensure the continuity of the businesses here throughout the year. As Bodrium Hotel & SPA, we always continue to offer the highest level of quality with our experienced team.”