Honda's New Hybrid Model ZR-V e:HEV Introduced

Honda's New Hybrid Model ZR V eHEV Introduced
Honda's New Hybrid Model ZR V eHEV Introduced

📩 21/09/2023 13:43

Honda's new hybrid model ZR-V e:HEV makes an assertive entry into the D-SUV segment with its sporty appearance, dynamic driving, efficient performance and interior design that stands out with material quality. ZR-V e:HEV, which will be offered for sale in Turkey simultaneously with the European market, has a 2.0-liter gasoline engine that feeds a hundred percent hybrid system. ZR-V e:HEV offers high standards in both active and passive safety with the Honda SENSING safety and driving assistance system. In terms of travel comfort, eye-level instrument panel (Head Up Display), heated steering wheel, heated front and rear seats, as well as 12 speakers developed in cooperation with BOSE stand out; Its stylish design also takes the model to a different point in its class. The new ZR-V e:HEV will go on sale in Turkey on Monday, September 25, 2023, with a sales price of 2 million 625 thousand TL, with the Advance hardware package and red and white color options.

Expanding its hybrid product range, Honda offers the completely new ZR-V model for sale in Turkey simultaneously with the European market. Honda ZR-V e:HEV, which combines stylish design, powerful performance and driving dynamics with high comfort, will be in the D-SUV segment. The stylish and simple appearance of the body design of the ZR-V e:HEV, which has a sporty character, attracts attention. The interior design, which stands out with its material quality, and the compact dimensions of the model offer the user a spacious, practical and comfortable space. Stating that Honda Turkey has expanded its product range in the SUV body type, Honda Turkey President Satoru Yamada said, “We can offer options for different needs with 3 different products in SUV models, which are currently the rising trend in Turkey. We also continue to increase the number of hybrid models within the scope of our electrification strategy. "Our new hybrid model, ZR-V, is the most up-to-date version of the engine technology developed by Honda engineers for many years."

Reminding that Honda was the first brand to offer a hybrid vehicle for sale in Turkey, President Satoru Yamada said, “We closely follow consumer expectations and developing technologies. In this context, we aim to offer the most efficient hybrid technology. After Jazz and HR-V, our products with the e:HEV logo, which represent the Honda hybrid technology that we introduced to the consumer when we believe it is the best, we believe that the ZR-V will make a difference in its segment with its driving dynamics, pleasant journey feeling and fuel economy. "ZR-V is positioned right in the middle of the HR-V and CR-V, which are currently in our SUV family," he said.

Stating that they are rapidly continuing their work within the scope of Honda's '2050 zero carbon target', Honda Turkey President Satoru Yamada also said that they will expand their product range with more environmentally friendly models that meet consumer expectations within the scope of this target, which is currently gaining momentum with e:HEV models in Turkey.

Honda ZR-V e:HEV will go on sale in Turkey with the highest equipment Advance package for drivers who want to drive high and wide vehicles. The model, which will take its place in Honda dealers on Monday, September 25, 2023, with red and white color options, will have a sales price of 2 million 625 thousand TL.

Sporty SUV appearance with striking exterior design lines

Honda engineers have created a powerful SUV with simple lines in the new ZR-V model, which emphasizes functionality in its design. The glossy black front grille with vertical slats and the opening in the lower area of ​​the sharp-lined thin headlights that emphasize the bumper increase aerodynamic performance by reducing vehicle friction. For aerodynamic efficiency, the trunk spoiler also helps optimize the vehicle's air flow.

While glossy black coatings and chrome-plated dual exhaust outlets support the powerful appearance of the ZR-V; Elegant curves continuing along the side body and the shoulder line strengthening towards the back complete the design. The light signature of the rear lighting group gives the ZR-V a strong and easily noticeable appearance, even when traveling at night. Providing a compact yet spacious structure with dimensions that are 50 mm wider than the HR-V and 61 mm lower than the CR-V, the new ZR-V hits the road with 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels as standard.

Honda's New Hybrid Model ZR V eHEV Introduced

Interior design that offers comfortable travel and ease of use

The new Honda ZR-V stands out as one of the most comfortable models in its class with its high-quality materials and width used in the interior design. Heated leather seats in the Honda ZR-V increase driver and passenger comfort on long journeys. The new ZR-V, which provides command of the environment with high visibility and a sedan-like driving position, widens the viewing angle thanks to the side mirrors mounted on the door body. The panoramic openable glass roof in the Honda ZR-V also offers a spacious and comfortable journey in the interior cabin.

Soft and comfortable knee pads and armrest surfaces are among the prominent features of the interior. The gear selector and parking brake button are positioned in the most ergonomic way on the split-layer center console developed specifically for the ZR-V. While the metal paddles control the regenerative braking intensity of the e:HEV; Controls for functions such as audio, telephone, cruise control and vehicle information selection are located on the three-spoke heated leather steering wheel for ease of use.

In addition to all this comfort in its interior, the new ZR-V makes the users' journey more enjoyable thanks to innovative technologies. While the fully digital 10,2-inch TFT screen stands out by clearly conveying a lot of vehicle information to the driver; There is a 9-inch touchscreen multimedia screen in the middle of the front console, which has a horizontal architectural design to increase the perception of width in the cabin. Thanks to the 6-inch new generation eye-level instrument panel (Head Up Display), priority information such as speed, Honda SENSING features and incoming calls are reflected on the windshield. Offering an infotainment system compatible with Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay, the ZR-V features 4 USB ports and wireless smartphone charging. The BOSE sound system, which has 12 speakers placed at many different points of the vehicle so that passengers can listen to quality music, is one of the prominent features of the ZR-V.

The spaciousness of the interior is completed by 11 different storage areas designed to support comfortable journeys. Honda ZR-V, which has an electric trunk feature, offers 380 liters of luggage volume with underfloor storage space; By folding the rear seats, a total of 921 liters of space is obtained with an additional 1301 liters. The latest version of Honda's Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) is also located under the luggage area with its compact dimensions and reduced weight.

Honda's New Hybrid Model ZR V eHEV Introduced

ZR-V e:HEV, the most current representative of Honda hybrid technology

Hybrid technology, which Honda engineers have been developing for many years, continues to increase its power and efficiency in every model. Renewed hybrid powertrain system; It consists of a 2.0 liter four-cylinder direct injection Atkinson cycle gasoline engine, two compact powerful electric motors and a high power density lithium ion battery. While the electric motor produces 184 PS/135 kW power and 315 Nm torque; The new ZR-V e:HEV makes a difference in its class by completing the 0-100 km/h acceleration in 8 seconds. Despite its agile engine performance and short acceleration time, the ZR-V also offers superior efficiency with a carbon dioxide emission value of 132 g/km (WLTP) and a combined fuel consumption value of 5.8 lt/100km (WLTP).

The system, which switches between electric, hybrid and gasoline driving without any intervention from the driver, has electric driving that provides a quiet journey at the first start; When more intense acceleration is required, it switches to hybrid driving. On journeys that require continuous high-speed travel, such as highways, the system continues with gasoline driving. In all driving types, deceleration energy is recovered with regenerative braking to increase efficiency. Users can also choose between driving modes: Normal, Sport, Eco and the newly added Snow mode. The new ZR-V also stands out in driving dynamics with the difference its chassis makes in changing driving conditions. Standing firmly on the ground as a dynamic SUV with its wide body, the ZR-V offers driving stability and safe handling thanks to its MacPherson front suspension and multi-point independent rear suspension. The electric steering system (EPS) provides a high feeling of control with effortless use and increases confidence and comfort at all driving speeds.

Honda SENSING developed for a safe driving

While the new ZR-V offers advanced Honda SENSING technologies as standard, it also enables the use of many comprehensive safe driving functions. Thus, Honda ZR-V offers high standards in both active and passive safety. Thanks to the Advanced Compatibility Engineering ACE™ technology, the front body structure developed by Honda engineers absorbs and distributes the frontal collision energy, thus reducing the force transferred to the cabin. In addition, safety comes to the fore in the ZR-V thanks to 10 airbags containing i-SRS technology.

Within the scope of wide security technologies; The Collision Mitigation Braking System is integrated with the Lane Departure Warning System and the Lane Keeping Assistant comes into play. Traffic Driving Assistant and the updated Traffic Sign Recognition System detect more than 90 percent of road signs and transfer them to the instrument panel. Thanks to the Fatigue Warning System, the awareness of drivers who are warned during long journeys increases. With the safe driving functions it offers, Honda ZR-V offers both a pleasant and safe travel experience for the driver and passengers.