Eurasia Tunnel Route and 2023 Current Tolls

Eurasia Tunnel Route and Current Toll
Eurasia Tunnel Route and Current Toll

📩 20/09/2023 11:06

The Eurasia Tunnel is a tunnel that passes under the Bosphorus and connects the Asian and European continents. This tunnel, which was put into service on December 20, 2016, aimed to reduce urban traffic congestion and accelerate intercontinental transportation. The route of the tunnel starts from Kazlıçeşme on the European side and ends in Göztepe on the Asian side. The total length of the tunnel is 5,4 kilometers.

The toll of the Eurasia Tunnel varies depending on the vehicle type and transit time. For the day tariff, it is 53 TL for cars, 79,5 TL for minibuses and 20,7 TL for motorcycles. For the night tariff, these fees are 26,5 TL for cars, 39,75 TL for minibuses and 10,35 TL for motorcycles.

Passage to the Eurasia Tunnel can be made with HGS or OGS. It is not possible to pay by cash or credit card at the toll booths.

Eurasia Tunnel Route

  • European Side: Kazlıçeşme – Dolmabahçe – Kumkapı
  • Asian Side: Göztepe – Uzunçayır – Acıbadem

Eurasia Tunnel Toll

Vehicle Type Day Tariff Night Tariff
Otomobil 53 TL 26,5 TL
Minibus 79,5 TL 39,75 TL
Motorcycle 20,7 TL 10,35 TL