Education Assistance in Izmir Gives Breath to Parents and Tradesmen

Education Assistance in Izmir Gives Breath to Parents and Tradesmen
Education Assistance in Izmir Gives Breath to Parents and Tradesmen

📩 21/09/2023 10:50

The education aid provided by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality gives respite to both parents and tradesmen in the increasingly severe economic crisis environment. With the support provided to families through the Izmir City Card this year, both the children were happy and the tradesmen, who were on the point of closing their shutters, were relieved to some extent.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerThe student supports initiated by , with the principle of equal opportunity in education, continue in the 2023-2024 academic year. This year, with a total of 50 million TL worth of stationery, lunch boxes, boots and coats to be delivered to families in need through the Izmir City Card, we will contribute to the parents' budget and support the tradesmen of Izmir. A total of 20 million lira of stationery support, 500 TL each for 10 thousand students, was uploaded to Izmir City Card. Families who shop for stationery are happy, and shopkeepers are also satisfied.

20 million lira stationery support for 10 thousand children

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Services Branch Manager Volkan Sert said, “As Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, our Mayor Tunç SoyerAs every year, we continue to provide stationery supplies within the scope of the support we provide to our primary and secondary school students in line with the principle of equal opportunity in education. We do this through the Izmir City Card, which was introduced in September. "We provided support of 20 million, 500 TL each, to 10 thousand children," he said.

“Both our tradesmen and citizens are satisfied with the project”

Emphasizing that the project has two legs, Volkan Sert said, “At the same time, we are providing lifeline to our tradesmen of Izmir within the scope of the protocols we have made with the Izmir Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen and the Izmir Chamber of Commerce. Our contracted stationers apply to us. They are examined by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and included in our system. Both our tradesmen and our citizens are satisfied with the project we are carrying out. "Because economic conditions are becoming increasingly difficult," he said.
Stating that Izmir City Card has a wide scope, Volkan Sert said, “In the next stage, we will provide support for boots and coats, as well as for our stationer tradesmen, through this card. Thus, we will continue to provide support to both our textile and shoe makers. Our stationery support reached 10 million lira, we aim to provide 20 million lira support for boots and coats. We will pay 20 million for our food support. Our total support will reach 50 million TL. "It is a very good project to develop our tradesmen," he said.

“The tradesmen and the public benefit from it, and the children rejoice.”

Stating that the application serves a very good purpose, tradesman Hatice Kahraman said, “The card given by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is very good. Children are happy. The economy is tight, people can't afford everything. But with this card they make up for their shortcomings. The parent had to buy 5 notebooks for his child instead of 2, and he used 2 notebooks in 4 lessons. But this way he gets all his notebooks. It's good for us too. Small tradesmen are dead right now. Shops are slowly closing. Our Metropolitan Municipality provided great support, we thank you. Both tradesmen and the public benefit, and children in need also rejoice. "It's a beautiful thing," he said.

“Citizens are satisfied with the system”

Stating that the Izmir City Card system operates safely, tradesman İsa Türe stated that he took part in the project in the previous periods. Türe said, “The application had previously contributed 40-45 thousand lira. We are currently at 17-18 thousand, but this is still to come. Those who come do not say let's spend it all. People who need it already get what they need. It comes back later. Thank you our President Tunç Soyer thought something good. These cards also include food and clothing aid. We also need stationery. These cards are available in all contracted stationery stores. I am selling notebooks at nominal price. Let us contribute to the market and citizens. "We are also making a gesture," he said.

“My children do not remain humble”

A parent who stated that his two children benefited from the project said: “I see the benefit of the assistance provided by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. I complete the shortcomings of my children. Books and notebooks have become very expensive, the prices of pens have skyrocketed. The stationery is close to our school and home. We are doing our shopping. I can say that I got the Izmir City Card from God. If this card didn't exist, we would have to cut it everywhere. My wife is already ill and cannot work. The benefits of aid are many. My children are not left alone in front of their friends, nor are they embarrassed in front of their teachers. I would like to thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality very much. "It has been beneficial to my children's education for 4 years."

“We feel that power and support behind us”

Another student's mother said, “It was an opportunity to buy a coat by meeting the stationery needs. I couldn't buy school uniforms. We equalized, we balanced. Fortunately, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality exists. This application makes you feel confident. We know they have our back. We feel that strength and support. Good thing there is. "I can fill another gap," he said.

What has been done since 2019?

Within the scope of education supports, 2019 million 90 thousand TL stationery support has been provided to 12 thousand primary and secondary school students since 780. This year, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality provides stationery support worth 20 million TL to 10 thousand primary and secondary school students. Shopping is done from Izmir's stationery shops with the balance of 500 TL loaded onto the families' Izmir City Card.

food wallet

The lunch box support, which was initiated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality last year, will be delivered to families in need as a "food wallet" through the Izmir City Card this year. Last year, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality provided raisins, roasted hazelnuts and fresh fruit support to 62 thousand 745 primary and secondary school students who had to go to school with empty lunch bags. This year, lunch box support is loaded in cash to the "Izmir City Card" of families receiving social assistance. In this way, families will be able to shop from contracted grocery stores and markets. In the first stage, 20 TL support will be provided to the lunch bags of 1000 thousand students.

Contribution is provided to shoe and textile tradesmen

This year, the Metropolitan Municipality also provides boots and coat support worth 20 TL to 20 thousand students. For this purpose, 2019 million lira was allocated from the budget. This support is provided through the Izmir City Card and a contribution is made to shoe and textile tradesmen. Since 30, the Metropolitan Municipality has provided boots and coat support worth more than 104 million lira to more than 25 thousand primary and secondary school students in XNUMX districts.

Total 50 million TL

In the 2023-2024 academic year, a total of 10 million TL will be loaded onto the Izmir City Card of families in need, including 20 million TL of stationery, 20 million TL of boots and coats, and 50 million TL of lunch boxes. The cards, which are closed for cash withdrawal, are valid in the shops of the tradesmen who are registered with the Izmir Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen and the Izmir Chamber of Commerce and are also included in the project. In the first stage, more than 200 tradesmen, including more than 500 stationery tradesmen, nearly 700 grocery stores and small-scale markets, will earn income. In this way, Izmir's money returns to Izmir's tradesmen and the education of 40 thousand students is contributed.

Students with special needs are not forgotten

In addition to lunch box and stationery support, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will continue its hot meal support for students with special needs, which it has been providing since 2019. Hot meals will be delivered to an average of 29 students studying in 2 public private schools affiliated with the Ministry of National Education.