Demirtaş Grass Ski Facilities Became Bursa's New Center of Attraction

Demirtaş Grass Ski Facilities Became Bursa's New Center of Attraction
Demirtaş Grass Ski Facilities Became Bursa's New Center of Attraction

📩 24/09/2023 10:19

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented large-scale projects in order to restore the green identity of Bursa, the only city in Turkey known for green, has completed the construction of Demirtaş Grass Skiing Facilities, which hosted the Grass Skiing World Championship 30 years ago but has been idle for the last 15 years. It turned the area where it is located into a center of attraction again.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which brought large-scale projects such as Bursa National Garden, Vakıf Bera City Park and Gökdere National Garden to the city in order to leave Bursa in a healthier state for future generations, has brought a new center of attraction to Osmangazi district. Aiming to bring 3 million square meters of new green space to the city by the end of the term, the Metropolitan Municipality has re-introduced the Grass Ski Facilities, which were built by DSI to the area where Demirtaş Dam is located, when Erdem Saker, one of the former mayors, was the 1987st Regional Manager of DSI in 1, to the service of the people of Bursa with a different concept. . The area in Demirtaş, which hosted the Grass Skiing World Championship in 1991 but was abandoned to its fate in recent years due to neglect and quarries opened in the surrounding area, was brought back to the city as a privileged recreation area as a result of the intense work of the Metropolitan Municipality. Within the scope of the project, a cafeteria, buffet, children's playgrounds, picnic areas, seating and rest areas, parking lot, toilet, walking paths and a security building were added to the 35 thousand 200 square meter area allocated from the Regional Directorate of Forestry. Two tubing tracks built in the recreation area, 150 and 400 meters long, on a specially designed hard plastic surface, will provide citizens with the excitement of artificial skiing, and will add further value to the region. In order to provide more comfortable access to the region, a new 2-kilometer road was built by the Metropolitan Municipality.

“It will make a positive contribution to Demirtaş”

Demirtaş Recreation Area, which adds value to the city, was opened with an enthusiastic ceremony attended by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, AK Party Provincial Chairman Davut Gürkan, council members, headmen and citizens. Speaking at the ceremony, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that every city has a title and a subject, but every title and subject suits Bursa. Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that the title of 'Green Bursa' suits Bursa, the Ottoman city, industry, culture and tourism city, and pointed out that the city has grown rapidly and hormonally in recent years. Mayor Aktaş stated that, as the administration, they are trying to eliminate the negativities, transform them and increase greenery, and that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has carried out important works regarding green areas this period, through Tarım Peyzaj AŞ. Mayor Aktaş said, “We carry out events, studies and restorations on every issue that concerns the city. There are places that were built in the past but have lost their function today and have been idle for 15-20 years. Doing something is just one aspect of the job. The point is to keep it alive and keep it going. Demirtaş Recreation Area also hosted the Grass Skiing World Championship 30 years ago. But it had been idle for 15 years. I would like to thank our president Erdem Saker very much. This area was especially explained to us during our visits to Demirtaş. This was an area that had a memory and could bring something to Bursa 365 days a year. "Hopefully, this area will contribute positively to Demirtaş," he said.

“Demirtaş is a special place”

Explaining that a beautiful area has been created in an area of ​​35 thousand 200 square meters with picnic areas, seating and rest areas, parking lot, walking paths and other outbuildings, Mayor Aktaş said, “Since we took over this place from DSI, it was requested that the area be developed in its natural state. In the future, service will be provided by both Burfaş and its operator. The area will serve the region beautifully with its recreation areas, grass field facilities and restorations. We must all protect such areas together. We will take care of the security, cleanliness and area maintenance, but our citizens who will use this place should also take care of it as if it were their own property. There is no place in the 1060 neighborhoods of Bursa that we have not touched. But Demirtaş is a special place. The population of the region reached 100 thousand. It is also open to further development. We have a lot of work to do. We will handle it all within a program and quickly. Citizens can also use the artificial grass skis in Demirtaş Recreation Area free of charge for two days. "I wish our facility good luck," he said.

Investment rain for Demirtaş

Mayor Aktaş stated that the connection road to the Ring Road has been discussed for years and that the expropriation was carried out by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, although it was not their responsibility, and that heavy tonnage vehicles will now be directly connected to the Ring Road without burdening the city, Demirtaş and the Terminal side. Stating that Demirtaş residents can also use the Ring Road directly by using this road, Mayor Aktaş stated that the works will be completed in a short time. Addressing the open flume issue in Demirtaş, Mayor Aktaş announced that they provided material support and that they will start asphalting works next week. Stating that they have completed the stream improvements and completed the infrastructure works, Mayor Aktaş stated that the work continues at Demirtaş Sports Facilities and Kırantepe picnic area.

Making his speech on behalf of Demirtaş Neighborhood Headmen, Sakarya Neighborhood Headman Mümin Dündar reminded that the recreation area had been idle for 15 years and thanked Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş for bringing the area back to Demirtaş.

Following the speeches, Demirtaş Recreation Area was opened with a ribbon cutting by Mayor Alinur Aktaş and protocol members. Touring the area and meeting with citizens sohbet Mayor Aktaş then switched to artificial grass skiing and experienced it.