Countdown Begins for Lubricant Expo

Countdown Begins for Lubricant Expo
Countdown Begins for Lubricant Expo

📩 26/09/2023 13:58

PETRONAS (Petronas Lubricants International), Lubricants (PLI) will be part of the Lubricant Expo as part of The Bearing Show, which will take place at Messe Essen in Essen, Germany, between 26 and 28 September 2023.

PLI will introduce the PETRONAS Iona brand and the fully synthetic, e-Transmission fluid called PETRONAS Iona Integra Plus at the fair. Optimized for electric transmissions where the electric motor is mechanically isolated from the transmission oil, this special fluid was specifically developed to ensure performance and component durability.

The solutions to be exhibited were implemented together with IVECO and FPT (FIAT Power Train) Industrial for the e-Transfer box (electric motor) used in eDAILY light commercial vehicles.

PLI Technology Group Chief Ravi Tallamraju said: “Together with IVECO and FPT, we have developed new fluids for eDAILY with the aim of maximizing performance. In addition to reducing agitation-induced losses in the e-Transfer box, PETRONAS Iona Integra Plus ensures that the system has durability comparable to higher viscosity standard fluids, meets safety requirements and offers excellent oxidation properties even at high temperatures.

“New technologies require new methods to exploit their full potential, which is why PETRONAS Lubricants and IVECO collaborate to guarantee and further improve over time the exciting performance of the eCD140 Central Drive System for the IVECO eDAILY series,” said Alice Orsi, FPT Industrial e-Powertrain Marketing Manager. "It plays a key role in developing a fluid specifically designed for said.

eDAILY will also use the 75W-85 axle fluid PETRONAS Tutela Axle 900 HD, developed to be compatible with all IVECO axles, including light and heavy commercial vehicles, to maximize efficiency and meet the latest requirements in regulations.”

PLI also takes the opportunity to showcase PETRONAS Industrial Solutions concept, which includes PETRONAS' new and complete range of high-quality products for industrial applications.

In a continuous production environment, machine downtime is one of the most important problems along with energy costs. The products offered under PETRONAS Industrial Solutions have been developed through state-of-the-art product trials and an analysis system that predicts the level of degradation in oil. This allows us to identify problems with greater precision and precision by scheduling the interventions needed for maintenance, thus reducing or eliminating the waiting time for spare parts and contributing to extending machine life. PLI works as a team with its customers to deeply understand their needs and challenges. Its global team of experts continues to work to deliver innovative, energy-efficient solutions to optimize performance and increase industrial durability, while minimizing environmental impact.

Europe's first free-attendance fair and conference

Lubricant Expo and The Bearing Show, Europe's first free-to-attend fair and conference, brings together lubricant and bearing solution manufacturers with end users as well as the entire chemical and equipment supply chain.

Among the technologies to be exhibited at the fair, mineral oils, lubrication technology, sensors, AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems, condition monitoring, filtration, automation, additives, base oils, storage and logistics solutions, engineering services, test and analysis solutions, ball bearings, roller bearings. , mounted bearings, tools and much more.

In addition to providing the perfect platform to showcase products and technologies that address these needs, Lubricant Expo and The Bearing Show provide attendees with the opportunity to gain the knowledge they need to solve real-world engineering challenges, introduce new products, hear from experts and engage with the industry.