Bornova Book Days Begins

The Fourth Bornova Book Days Begins
The Fourth Bornova Book Days Begins

📩 20/09/2023 12:40

The fourth Bornova Book Days, which was first held in 2019 and brought Bornova people together with art, is starting. Book days will start on September 29 at 11.00:8 and will continue until October 60. This year, 400 publishing houses, 600 authors and XNUMX thousand books will take part in the organization to be held in Büyükpark.

Bornova Book Days, implemented by Bornova Municipality with the vision of Bornova as the City of Culture, will bring together thousands of Izmir residents in Bornova. Many colorful events, from autograph sessions to interviews, concerts to panels, and poetry recitals to workshops, will appeal to book lovers of all ages at the event, where many authors will be guests. Visitors will be satisfied with art with colorful stage performances.

Invitation from President İduğ

Bornova Mayor Dr. Mustafa İduğ said, “We will bring together thousands of book lovers this year at the Bornova Book Days, where Bornova people participate intensively every year. At the same time, there will be various cultural and artistic activities and we will bring our valuable writers together with the readers. At a time when technology is very advanced, it is in our hands and our duty to introduce books and make them love the next generation. "We are waiting for all Izmir residents," he said.