Bee and Beekeeping Postage Stamps Exhibition Opened Its Doors in Izmir

Bee and Beekeeping Postage Stamps Exhibition Opened Its Doors in Izmir
Bee and Beekeeping Postage Stamps Exhibition Opened Its Doors in Izmir

📩 30/09/2023 11:38

With the support of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the Bee and Beekeeping Postage Stamps exhibition was opened in the historical Bıçakçı Han in Basmane. The exhibition, which includes more than 100 stamps from 600 countries, can be visited until October 13.

The Bee and Beekeeping Postage Stamps exhibition, which includes the private collection of Agricultural Engineer Mustafa Kösoğlu from the Aegean Agricultural Research Institute Directorate Beekeeping Research Center, was opened under the leadership of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its support for beekeeping. The exhibition can be visited at Bıçakcı Han in Basmane, which was brought to the city by the Metropolitan Municipality, until October 13.

“If we support agriculture, we actually support life.”

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu said, “Our Mayor Tunç SoyerIn line with the vision put forward by , we support beekeeping in rural areas under the motto 'Another Agriculture is Possible'. We provide beehives and beeless hives and support materials to those who want to produce in many villages. Why are we doing this? If we support agriculture, we actually support life. We do the same thing with karakılçık, sheep, goat and buffalo distribution. Beekeeping is an important one of these. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the opening of this exhibition. "I'm glad to have you, I'm glad you're here," he said.

Thanks to President Soyer

Stating that it was one of the important days in his life, Mustafa Kösoğlu, the collector of the exhibition, said: “This exhibition does not only consist of stamps, there are also many old materials. "It is important that this exhibition be passed on to future generations," he said. Kösoğlu also thanked Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Mayor Tunç SoyerHe thanked for their contribution to the opening of the exhibition.

What's in the exhibition?

More than 100 stamps from nearly 600 countries are exhibited in the exhibition. Anatolia, the most important gene source of bees, is considered the homeland of five races and eco types. While drawing attention to the bee, the exhibition aims to share the culture of the country with the society by displaying it with old materials. At the exhibition, a Pollinator Bees for the Love of Bees Workshop is held with students aged 10-14 from various schools and students and teachers from Robert College.

Metropolitan Municipality supports beekeeping

Within the scope of the "Supporting Income Generating Activities in Rural Areas Project", beekeeping training was given to a total of 260 producers, 2 of whom were women, in order to support beekeeping in rural and mountain villages. 251 thousand 8 beehives, 856 thousand 4 empty hives and 420 thousand 2 beekeeping materials (hand iron, bellows, sherbet bowl, brush, clothes, gloves) were distributed.