Asian Games Hosts e-sports Competitions for the First Time

Asian Games Hosts e-Sports Competitions for the First Time
Asian Games Hosts e-Sports Competitions for the First Time

📩 25/09/2023 13:21

The Asian Games, which started in China on Sunday, September 24, host e-sports competitions for the first time. These popular and lucrative electronic sports events will likely be the most watched of these Games. Competitors appear with music in the electronic sports arena of the Asian Games held in Hangzhou. The first match is between Vietnam and Tajikistan. An IT engineer among those watching the match tells those around him with shining eyes how he is looking forward to these days.

E-sports, which first emerged in Jakarta as a demonstration sport in 2018, is now at the stage of a competition sport in Hangzhou by 2023. China, which has an "e-sports" industry watched by more than 490 million people and employing 500 thousand people, is undoubtedly the most important e-sports country in the world. Therefore, it is expected that China will share the medals in the e-sports category in the Asian Games with South Korea, another country with many e-sports enthusiasts.

Thousands of fans watching the match on screen show the same kind of excitement seen in football matches. Indeed, many viewers hope that the Asian games will be a kind of showcase for e-sports. In electronic sports, which are followed by the largest number of viewers, are popular and financially productive, 46 percent of global revenues are realized in the Asian mainland. The industry's revenue is expected to be around 2023 billion in 176.

On Sunday, September 24, fanatical fans turned the Hangzhou arena into a seething cauldron for e-sports matches. With its fans, teams of five players in training clothes, referees, and some scenes re-examined in slow motion, e-sports resembles sports without actually being sports at all. Essentially, international Olympic institutions will decide whether e-sports should be accepted as a sports branch. However, for now, there is no doubt that 2023 billion people, mostly young people, who are interested in e-sports in the 3,4 Games, will bring fresh blood to the Olympic Games if e-sports are included in the scope of sports.