Applications Started for IMM's 'Young University Student Support'

Applications Started for IMM's 'Young University Student Support'
Applications Started for IMM's 'Young University Student Support'

📩 26/09/2023 15:40

Applications have started for the 6000 TL educational support that will be given to students on a non-refundable basis within the scope of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's 'Young University Student Support' project. Students who want to benefit from the support can apply through Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's "Istanbul Yours" mobile application until October 20.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality “Young University Student SupportWithin the scope of the project, it provides educational aid of 75 TL to 6000 thousand students in order to support university students economically.

Students who want to apply must either reside in Istanbul or have their family members and study at a state or foundation/private university with a 100 percent scholarship. The end-of-year success grade of mid-year and senior students is also required to be at least 100 out of 53 or 4 out of 2,00.


Students who want to benefit from the support can contact IMM “Istanbul is Yours” You need to download the application and apply through the application. Detailed information about the project and criteria is also available in the “Istanbul Yours” mobile application. On September 26 applications starting 20 October will expire on its date.

The support provided within the scope of the "Young University Student Support" project is provided on a non-refundable and interest-free basis. Within the scope of "Young University Student Support", support was provided to 2019 thousand 2020 students in the 29-423 academic year, which was the first semester of the project. Support was provided to 2020 thousand 2021 students in the 33-763 academic year and 2021 thousand 2022 students in the 51-992 academic year. In the 2022-2023 academic year, 75 thousand 4 TL non-refundable education aid was provided to 500 thousand students.

Young University Student Application General Conditions

    • being a Turkish citizen
    • The student or his/her family/relative in case of death of parents resides in Istanbul
    • Being an associate, undergraduate, master's or PhD student
      • The upper age limit for associate and undergraduate students is 30
      • The upper age limit for Master's and Doctoral Students is 40
    • Continuing your education within the normal education period
    • Studying at a state university or studying at a foundation/private university with a XNUMX% scholarship
    • For mid-year and senior students, the year-end success grade must be at least 100 out of 53 or 4 out of 2,00.
    • Needing financial support in terms of income

Required Documents for Young University Students

    • Document proving that you do not have a criminal record
    • Document proving that no disciplinary punishment has been taken
    • Family Certificate Identity Registration Sample Certificate
    • Student certificate
    • transcript document
    • 100% scholarship certificate for students studying in foundation/private schools
    • Documents showing the financial situation of the family (Income certificate, Pay slip, etc.)
    • Photocopy of disability report of himself or his family members, if any
    • Documents showing siblings studying, if any
    • Document proving that you stay in a dormitory or rented accommodation
    • Document containing the student's bank account information