Wagon City is Being Established for Doctors in Malatya

Wagon City is Being Established for Doctors in Malatya
Wagon City is Being Established for Doctors in Malatya

📩 21/09/2023 10:28

AKP Malatya Deputy and MKYK Member Bülent Tüfenkci, in cooperation with İnönü University, MKE, DDY and Arçelik, examined the Wagon City area, where scrap wagons will be recycled and converted into Ecological Wagon Houses and made available for the use of doctors.

Tüfenkci, who visited the Wagon City houses consisting of 90 wagons, received information from İnönü University Rector Ahmet Kızılay.

Deputy Tüfenkci stated that their aim is to restore the city as quickly as possible and said, “We all witnessed that Malatya was one of the most severely damaged provinces with the February 6 earthquake. While demolitions were continuing in our city, mass housing was rising in the city, and we were counting the days for the transformation of commercial centers, our university was also damaged in this earthquake.

With the efforts of our Rector, the slightly damaged buildings are being renovated. We have buildings that are heavily damaged and will be demolished. Most importantly, it is necessary to meet the housing needs of our lecturers, professors and even students living in this city.

We would like to thank the Arçelik family and the Koç family for their serious support in the recycling of scrap wagons of our Machinery and Chemical Industry and State Railways.

Because they prefer Malatya in this sense. It is a situation that should be appreciated that they come here with their entire team on a voluntary basis and see our city and work hard. We would like to thank each and every one of our employees.

The example wagon we saw was designed to easily sustain the life of a family. "We provide accommodation areas where our teachers working here can at least stay with peace of mind." he said.

Tüfenkci also stated that İnönü University is a brand of Malatya and said:

“Our goal is to get our city back on its feet. Our university is having a really successful period this year in terms of preference and registration. We did not leave any of our students out. İnönü University is an important brand of Malatya. “I would like to thank our rector again and everyone who contributed.”