7 Thousand Square Meters Temsa Service from Mapar Automotive to Izmir

Thousand Square Meter Temsa Service from Mapar Automotive to Izmir
Thousand Square Meter Temsa Service from Mapar Automotive to Izmir

📩 26/09/2023 15:04

Continuing to expand its vehicle park in Turkey, Temsa, one of the well-established brands of the Turkish commercial vehicle industry, continues to expand the service network transformation project it started in 2021. TEMSA, which has taken an important step to strengthen customer satisfaction, which it has determined as the main principle of after-sales services transformation, in Izmir and surrounding provinces, has opened its new service in the region.

The opening ceremony hosted by Mapar Automotive Chairman of the Board Yalçın Şahin, Board Member Hıdır Erdi Şahin and İzmir Branch General Manager Caner Perk was attended by Bornova Mayor Dr. Mustafa İduğ, Temsa CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu, Temsa After-Sales Services Deputy General Manager Önder Göker, Temsa Sales Deputy General Manager Hakan Koralp, Temsa Sales Director Baybars Dağ, Temsa executives and many guests attended.

The service, which was completed with the investment made by Mapar Automotive, will strengthen Temsa's regional power by taking fast and reliable roadside assistance service, which is one of the most important criteria of the commercial vehicle segment, one step further.


Speaking at the ceremony, Temsa CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu reminded that Temsa is a company that adheres to its values, does ambitious work, and focuses on its customers, in addition to all its corporate governance principles, and said, "This investment made by Mapar Automotive is actually only for Izmir, It is not an investment that benefits the Aegean or Temsa. As these investments increase and after-sales services are enriched with such inspiring stories, the Turkish commercial vehicle industry, which is Europe's number one in production, will better see the value it deserves in our country. I think these investments are very important to create more permanent value for our country and our people. "I wholeheartedly congratulate the entire Mapar Automotive family, especially Mapar Automotive Chairman Yalçın Şahin and Izmir Branch General Manager Caner Perk, who inspired the Turkish commercial vehicle industry by realizing this investment," he said.

Mapar Automotive Izmir Branch General Manager Caner Perk stated that they have signed a long-term and successful cooperation with Temsa and said, “Our Temsa service is established on a total area of ​​3 thousand square meters, of which 7 thousand square meters is a closed area. Currently, employment has been created for 21 people. "We aim for this number to reach 2024 in 50," he said.


Service and maintenance will be carried out for all Temsa brand buses and midibuses, as well as FUSO Canter models. In this context, Mapar-İzmir will be one of the rare service points in Turkey that can serve all vehicles in the Temsa product portfolio.

MAPAR-Izmir, which will serve as Temsa's 4th service in the Izmir region, draws attention with its size of 7 thousand square meters. The center, where the most advanced after-sales service technologies are used, has a total of 8 ducted and 6 ductless service areas that can serve buses. In service areas, all oils stored in the private area of ​​the facility are automatically charged to the channel and service area. This automatic system, which increases workforce efficiency, creates a significant time and cost advantage by shortening the maintenance and repair time required for each vehicle. 3 kilometers from Izmir City Terminal, the center also has 800 paint mixing area, 1 paint shops and 2 paint oven, covering a total area of ​​1 square meters.