7th İsmet Atlı Karakucak Wrestling was Held

İsmet Atlı Karakucak Wrestling was Held
İsmet Atlı Karakucak Wrestling was Held

📩 25/09/2023 15:38

The 7th of the Traditional İsmet Atlı Karakucak Wrestling, organized with the aim of keeping the name of World and Olympic Champion wrestler İsmet Atlı from Adana alive, endearing the ancestral sport to the new generation and contributing to the development of Turkish wrestling, was held in Faydalı Village of Kozan.

Approximately 800 athletes in different age and weight categories competed in the private arena in the tournament, where Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar was the Wrestling Master. It was emphasized that the participation was the highest figure so far.

President Zeydan Karalar said that people from all walks of life and political views participated in the tournament, that sports is the unifying power and that Turkey needs this picture.


President Zeydan Karalar said: “We are organizing a wrestling tournament in memory of the late İsmet Atlı, who represented our ancestral sport, wrestling, at the highest level in the international arena, made the saying 'Strong like a Turk' and waved the glorious Turkish flag. How happy we are that we have organized the tournament three times out of seven. İsmet Atlı Karakucak Wrestling will be better than the previous year and become a brand. We will achieve this. We see that the number of athlete participation increases every year. I wish success to our athletes. We will do our best to restore our ancestral sport to its former strength. “I would like to thank everyone who made the tournament possible.”


Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar, Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Traditional Wrestling Federation Şahin Hopur, Halk Bank Regional Manager Mustafa Atlı, Feke Mayor Ahmet Sel, Adana Youth and Sports Provincial Director Muzaffer Çintimar, Turkish Wrestling Foundation attended the 7th Traditional İsmet Atlı Karakucak Wrestling. Adana Branch President Mustafa Dönmez, Mustafa Atlı representing the Atlı Family, district heads of political parties, World and European champion wrestlers and citizens attended. Doğan Uzun came second in the competitions where Paşa Karabulut became the chief wrestler. Mehmet Çelebi and İsa Göçen shared the third place.

A total of 392 thousand 500 lira prizes were distributed in the tournament. On the other hand, the little athletes who participated in the tournament were given 300 liras each, even if they lost.