'21. Mersin International Music Festival met with music lovers

'Mersin International Music Festival' Met with Music Lovers
'Mersin International Music Festival' Met with Music Lovers

📩 23/09/2023 13:23

'Mersin International Music Festival', one of the most important organizations that introduces Mersin to the world and opens its doors to sounds from around the world, has started. In the 3-day festival with the theme of 'Solidarity, Healing and Enlightenment', 7 beautiful concerts will meet art lovers. On the opening night of the festival, Başkent Quartet & Lucienne Renaudin Vary, Trumpet concert gave music lovers from Mersin a wonderful night.

To the opening concert; Mersin Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan, Mediterranean Region and Garrison Commander Rear Admiral Murat Fırat, Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Department Coordinator and Opera Singer Bengi İspir Özdülger, Republican People's Party (CHP) Group Deputy Chairman and Mersin Deputy Ali Mahir Başkar, AK Party Mersin Deputy Ali Kıratlı, chamber and NGO presidents, city protocol and many music lovers attended. Within the scope of the festival, 'Prof. The 'Nevit Kodallı Young Talent Award' went to Ecmel Neva Bildik, who is only 14 years old and the owner of many important awards at the international level, the 'Festival Art Award' went to Yalçın Tura, and the 'Festival City Award' went to Mersin International Music Festival Founding Honorary President Selma Yağcı. was presented.

Pehlivan: “A 21-year adventure that continues with various events so far.”

Emphasizing that the International Music Festival is a 21-year adventure, Mersin Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan stated that the event, which was planned to be held at the end of May this year due to the earthquake, was held in September and said, “Such a journey had to be postponed this year due to the earthquake. Because we experienced common pain in the earthquake. Activities will be held for 3 days at the event. "On this occasion, I would like to thank our governors, municipalities, relevant institutions and chambers, professional organizations, artists who gave concerts, and musicians who participated in the concert, who have contributed to this festival from the first day until today, under the auspices of the Governorship," he said.

Özdülger: “We adopt an innovative and inclusive approach in cultural and artistic activities”

Stating that he is very happy to have such a beautiful festival held in Mersin, Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Department Coordinator and Opera Singer Bengi İspir Özdülger stated that as Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, their approach to cultural and artistic activities is innovative, inclusive and unifying. Stating that, as a metropolitan city, they adopted an approach that supports cultural and artistic activities, Özdülger said, “We gave our support to the Mersin International Music Festival this year, as every year. This is not just financial support. "We supported the festival in the field of logistics by both taking part in the festival board and ensuring the creation of the concert repertoire," he said.

“Art is the greatest glue of society”

Emphasizing that the festival is an important organization that brings the city dynamics together, Özdülger said, “As an artist, I am happy to share this event held with people from all walks of life under the wings of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. Let's experience many more festivals like this. As Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, we support many festivals and also organize many festivals ourselves. We know the results of festivals' integrative and bringing people together approaches. We see how useful and good the results are. Because art is the greatest glue of society. Art is also indispensable. "For this reason, living in this city makes me happy," he said.

The audience who attended the opening concert had a beautiful evening with the magic of music.

Stating that he does not miss the music festival held every year, Bekir Akkurt said, “I try not to miss the opening concerts at least. The concerts are so great. We congratulate everyone who contributed here. "It's a great thing that everyone goes to the concerts and they are open to the public," he said.

Dilek Akkurt said, “Thanks to the event, people's horizons are broadened. As long as people have the opportunity and the information. We follow this event every year. He definitely makes a great contribution to society. The event should definitely be made more widespread and should reach every area and everyone should be able to participate. As you participate in events, the welfare of the society will increase and the level of happiness will increase. "We especially love Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and appreciate it in this regard," he said.

Stating that Mersin is a city of art, Betül Altıngül said, “As a native-born Mersin resident and an art lover, it is our mission to support the festival. Also, our ears are really blown away at concerts. Because very valuable artists come to the concerts. And we get the opportunity to meet very beautiful artists. These types of events increase the value of our country and make it louder. "There is an incredible teamwork in the name of culture and art, and our city becomes very rich at this point," he said.

Stating that the organizations are very useful for the promotion of the countries, Nezahat Durmaz said, “The fact that the event touches people and provides recognition of countries and artists through intercultural exchange, these are exciting. The events enable the city to contribute to both its economy and culture. "I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality for doing their best in this regard every year," he said.