Pakistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan to Build Trans-Afghan Railway

Pakistan to Build Afghanistan and Uzbekistan Trans-Afghan Railway
Pakistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan to Build Trans-Afghan Railway

Uzbekistan signed a joint protocol for the connection of the railway with Pakistan via Afghanistan. A signing ceremony was held in the capital Islamabad for the railway project protocol between the three countries.

With the joint protocol signed between Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the railway project is considered an important step towards increasing regional trade and economic growth. The main aim of the project is to build the railway that will start from Tirmidhi city of Uzbekistan and pass through the city of Mazar-i Sharif and Lovgar province of Afghanistan and reach the Karlachi border of Pakistan.

The length of the project is 760 kilometers and when completed, it is expected that the duration of cargo transportation between Pakistan and Uzbekistan will decrease to 5 days and the transportation cost will be reduced by 40 percent. Thus, this railway line aims to facilitate trade and economic connections in the region.

The planned completion date is the end of 2027 and the project is designed to allow the transport of 15 million tons of trade goods annually when completed. In addition, an agreement was previously signed for a 573-kilometer railway line that will connect Central Asia to Pakistan's ports with the realization of the Trans-Afghan Railway Project between the three countries.

The realization of such large-scale infrastructure projects plays an important role in promoting regional cooperation and trade. This railway project, which will be implemented with the cooperation of the three countries, can increase the economic integration in the region, facilitate access to the rich resources of Central Asia and encourage economic growth. However, the technical, financial and political challenges must also be considered in order to complete the project.