Historical 6-Month Sales Performance from Opel

Historical Monthly Sales Performance from Opel
Historical 6-Month Sales Performance from Opel

📩 08/07/2023 14:27

Opel Turkey maintained its high performance since the beginning of the year in June as well. Opel, one of the important representatives of German technology and advanced driving dynamics, continues to be the first choice of consumers with its new generation models. Opel, which continues its rise in the automotive market with the most ambitious models in its class, reveals this situation in its sales figures.

Increasing its sales with a great momentum since the beginning of the year, Opel rose to the 9th rank in the total market with its sales of 109 units and a share of 8,2 percent in June. Turkey became the country with the highest market share among Opel's global markets.

In June, Opel reached a market share of 8 percent with sales of 393 units in the passenger car market and ranked 9,3rd in the market. Thus, Opel increased its sales by 3 percent in passenger vehicles, by 135 percent in commercial vehicles, and by 32 percent in the total market, compared to the same month of the previous year.

In the first half of the year, Opel achieved sales of 38 units, surpassing the total sales of 718 units in 2022. With this performance, Opel managed to increase its sales by 36 percent in the first 725 months compared to the first half of the previous year. Corsa and Crossland models shared the leading role in this high performance of the brand. Corsa, which is the model that Opel sells the most in Turkey, stood out as the second model of the B-HB segment, with sales of 6 thousand 130 units in June and 4 thousand 207 units in the first 6 months.

With the sales of 4 units in June, the Corsa reached the highest model-based monthly sales figure in Opel history and broke another record. Opel's second most preferred model, Crossland, retained its second place in the B-SUV market, with sales of 207 units in June. Just like the Corsa, Crossland broke its own record by reaching the highest monthly sales figure to date. Along with Mokka, the brand's other B-SUV model, Opel stands out as the second most preferred brand in the B-SUV segment. Astra, one of the brand's newest players, also managed to stand out in the imported C-HB segment. In a short time, the new Astra drew attention as it rose to the lead among imported compact HB models in its segment.

“We left 6 behind in the first 2022 months”

Saying that they achieved the best 6-month performance in Opel history, Opel Turkey General Manager Emre Özocak said, “Last year, we sold 36 vehicles in total. This year, we left 725 behind with 6 sales in the first 38 months. Our plan for this year at the beginning of the year was at the level of 718 thousand units. Thanks to our increased performance and consumers' interest in our brand, we have revised this target to over 2022 thousand.”

“Opel's goal is to become one of the top electric car brands”

Emre Özocak stated that Opel's success in the electric car market continues to increase and said:

“With the sales we have made in the last two months, we have come to a very assertive position in the electric vehicle market. While Mokka Elektrik was the most purchased electric car model in May, Corsa Elektrik became the second best-selling electric car in Turkey in June. Mokka Elektrik, which carries the extraordinary lines of our brand, became the leader in May with 2 units, while our model, Corsa Elektrik, which is one of the most successful models in its class, ranked 318nd in the electric vehicle market in June with 332 units. In June, we sold a total of 2 units with both of our models and ranked 403nd with a 16 percent market share. Our offensive in electric vehicles will continue with the driving force of our newly launched Astra Elektrik. Our goal is to become one of the top electric vehicle-selling brands of the year.”