IVECO eDaily Electric Minibus Enters Guinness World Records

IVECO eDaily Electric Minibus Enters Guinness World Records ()
IVECO eDaily Electric Minibus Enters Guinness World Records

📩 08/07/2023 12:52

The electric IVECO eDaily in the 3,5-ton IVECO light commercial vehicle class has once again proven its strength and durability by pushing the limits of performance. The vehicle pulled a load of 153 tons and made its mark in Guinness World Records with the title of 'heaviest load pulled by an electric minibus'.

The 3.5-tonne IVECO eDaily minibus, an all-electric light commercial vehicle, has officially entered the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD under the title 'Heaviest load pulled by an electric minibus'. IVECO eDaily, which is the leader of its class with its professional engineering works, stands out with its 3,5 tons towing capacity and strong truck-based chassis. eDaily has now proven itself once again by taking its place in the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS book.

The electric vehicle, which has an incredible towing capacity of 153,58 tons, has also gained worldwide fame for its comprehensive features. With the power provided by the 400kW rear-wheel drive transmission mechanism with 140Nm torque, eDaily broke the records of all-wheel drive electric cars, which is an important feature.

The massive IVECO X-Way Strator truck hooked up with eDaily broke this record in June. The IVECO X-Way Strator has been specially designed to transport large-scale loads up to 150 tons.

First, a large earthmoving machine weighing more than 50 tons was loaded onto the truck's trailer. In addition, seven tons of ballast were added. The vehicle was then coupled to the trailer of a fully loaded IVECO X-Way 8×4 dump truck Strator, and a total of 153 tons of cargo was attached to the vehicle by an all-terrain airport fire truck.

Once eDaily started to move, it made steady progress on the projected 100 ft track. eDaily crossed the finish line in front of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS supervisors to claim the impressive prize. The van was used in the 'hi-power' mode, which is standard on every eDaily, providing additional bursts of power for the all-electric van in difficult towing conditions. Britain's current Strongest Man, Adam Bishop, used eDaily and broke the world record.

Fabio Santiago, Head of Marketing and Product Management, IVECO Truck Business Unit, said: “With this record, IVECO eDaily has made history once again, proving its strength, durability and extraordinary capabilities. We are proud of this achievement because eDaily has outperformed conventional electric vehicles by pushing the boundaries. And it has shown that it is possible to maintain this performance without making any concessions on energy conversion.”

IVECO eDaily made electric vehicle history, demonstrating the benefits of the body-on-chassis concept and the instant torque distribution of its electric motor. Operators undertaking demanding towing tasks can be confident that the eDaily has more than its towing capacity of up to 3,5 tons.

IVECO eDaily Electric Minibus Enters Guinness World Records