​Contribution of 4 Million Liras to Izmir Citizens in 241 Years with Public Vehicles

​Million Lira Contribution per Year to the People of Izmir with Public Vehicles
​Contribution of 4 Million Liras to Izmir Citizens in 241 Years with Public Vehicles

📩 01/07/2023 13:35

The Public Vehicle application, initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in all public transportation vehicles, enabled the passenger who boarded in full to save 428 TL per month. Thanks to the application that has been going on for 4 years, an amount of 241 million liras remained in the pockets of the people of Izmir.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerPublic Vehicles application, which was started by . With the application, which is valid between 4-05.00 and 07.00-19.00 every day and provides 20.00 percent discount on all tariffs, the total amount that citizens keep in their pockets from April 50 until last month has reached 2019 million 241 thousand TL.

428 TL stays in their pockets every month

When 5 days covering working days are calculated, approximately 1 million rides are made every week with the application of Halk Vehicles. When the daily first boarding and transfer fees of the passengers boarding with the full schedule are calculated, 7,14 TL of each boarding is covered by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Thus, 428,40 TL of the monthly transportation expenses of the citizens traveling with the full boarding tariff is left in their pocket. Students, on the other hand, save 90 TL per month for their boarding trips during Public Transport hours.