Things to Know About Sex During Pregnancy

Things to Know About Sex During Pregnancy
Things to Know About Sex During Pregnancy

📩 14/07/2023 13:17

From Memorial Service Hospital, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Op. Dr. Nihal Çetin gave information about what should be considered about sexuality during pregnancy. Pregnancy changes women's lives for a while with many hormonal, physical and psychological differences in women. Due to these changes, a decrease in sexual interest and desire of expectant mothers can also be seen. Especially in first pregnancies, women and their spouses may experience some disagreements on this issue. In this period, a healthy sexual life can be possible in line with the recommendations of experts.

The baby is protected in the womb during sexual intercourse

Stating that sexual intercourse during pregnancy does not pose a danger to the baby, it is perfectly normal and safe for most pregnant women. Dr. Nihal Çetin said, “The baby is protected by the mother's abdominal muscles, uterus muscles, amniotic fluid and cervix. However, sexuality should be restricted in problems such as the risk of miscarriage, recurrent pregnancy losses in previous pregnancy histories, risk of premature birth, and placement of the placenta in the cervix. In the last weeks of pregnancy, that is, after 36 weeks, there are some thoughts that uterine contractions may occur due to prostaglandins in the sperm of the father-to-be. In the presence of a history of preterm birth, sexual intercourse can be avoided in the last weeks. Other than that, there is no need for restrictions.” said.

During pregnancy, a woman's sexual desire may be adversely affected.

“The pregnancy process brings with it various difficulties and differences for every woman. The sexual life of pregnant women, who have difficulties both physiologically and psychologically, is also affected.” Saying that, Çetin listed the reasons that affect sexuality during pregnancy:

“Fatigue, constant sleepiness, feeling of exhaustion

Changes in sleeping and eating habits, trying to cope with enlarged breasts and weight gain, feeling fat and worrying about not being able to physically recover,

Fears (fear of miscarriage, fear of harming the baby, infection anxiety, etc.)

Concerns about labor and whether the baby will be healthy

Fear of losing sexual attraction, fear of losing the love and attention of one's partner

Career women can be listed as concerns about how their career will be affected by pregnancy and motherhood.”

There is no need to restrict sexual activity in a healthy pregnancy

Kiss. Dr. Çetin said, “Fears and worries during pregnancy can cause introversion in women. This can cause coldness between couples. Difficulty in sexual arousal in women causes pain and sexual reluctance during sexual intercourse. The feeling of guilt is among the problems of pregnant women as they deprive their spouses of sexual activity. There may be uneasiness up to the rejection of pregnancy. There is no need to restrict sexual activity in a healthy pregnancy. he said.

Expressing that the doctor's recommendations must be taken into account, Çetin concluded his words as follows:

“Couples who are expecting a baby can sometimes move away from sexuality psychologically, either unilaterally or bilaterally. In this case, the recommendations of the gynecologist and obstetrician should definitely be taken into account. It is also important to get psychological support if necessary.”