TEI and GE Aerospace Signed an Agreement for F110 Turbofan Engines!

TEI and GE Aerospace Signed an Agreement for F Turbofan Engines!
TEI and GE Aerospace Signed an Agreement for F110 Turbofan Engines!

📩 21/06/2023 16:11

TEI – TUSAS Engine Industry Inc. and GE Aerospace; Agreed to extend TEI's license for “Warehouse Level Maintenance” service to many countries for the F16 engine used in F-15 and F-110 warplanes. This collaboration further strengthens the bond between TEI and its long-term partner in military engines, GE Aerospace. Proving itself with the maintenance services it offers for aviation engines, TEI can provide service for F110 engines to many countries under the agreement with its GE license. Known as a regional F110 center, TEI also carries out successful works regarding the "Engine Structural Integrity Program" and "Service Life Extension Program".

After many years of cooperation, TEI and GE Aerospace are now preparing to play a critical role in providing service support to F110 engines in the global fleet.

At the signing ceremony held at the Paris Air Show in France, TEI General Manager Prof. Dr. Mahmut F. Akşit said, “As a regional center, we are pleased to be a service provider for the maintenance service of F110 engines.” said.

Akşit said, “Considering the capacity needs due to increasing demands, we are committed to providing our best-in-class service for F110 engines at timely and prompt delivery, high quality standards and competitive price levels. TEI, which produces F16 engines for the entire F-110 fleet of the Turkish Air Force and works with many countries in the region for the maintenance service of F110 engines, is one of the most important centers in the region for the maintenance service of GE Aerospace's global F110 engines.” he added.

Shawn Warren, Vice President and General Manager, Combat and Training Engines, Military Systems, GE Aerospace, said, “We are pleased to continue our longstanding relationship with TEI, a provider of maintenance services for our F110 customers worldwide.” said. “This agreement will enable our international F110 users to have enhanced support and services in the region.” used his statements.

TEI is one of the largest parts manufacturers for F110 engines, as well as GE's T700 engines used in Black Hawk, Seahawk, Super Cobra and Apache helicopters, F16 engines used in F-15 and F-110 warplanes, and Barbaros, Gabya and STIF class frigates. (MİLGEM-I), Ada class (MİLGEM) corvettes and LM2500 gas turbines used in the DIMDEG fleet fuel supply ships are a licensed maintenance center not only for Turkey but also for many different countries.