Segway-Ninebot Products are in Turkey with Bilkom Assurance

Segway Ninebot Products are in Turkey with Bilkom Assurance
Segway-Ninebot Products are in Turkey with Bilkom Assurance

📩 15/06/2023 15:34

Micro mobility solutions manufacturer Segway-Ninebot will reach users in Turkey with the assurance of Bilkom. Segway-Ninebot's latest KickScooter and karting products are offered for sale on Bilkom's widespread network.

Bilkom continues to expand its brand portfolio through strong collaborations with the world's leading technology companies. Offering high technology to the market at the most accessible prices, Bilkom has become the official distributor of Segway-Ninebot, one of the world's leading brands in micro-mobility, in Turkey, with its new cooperation.

As part of this cooperation, Bilkom will handle the sales, distribution, logistics, marketing and after-sales processes of Segway-Ninebot in Turkey. The brand's newest KickScooter and karting models for adults and children were offered for sale on Bilkom's online and physical sales network.

“We will make the world leader the leader in Turkey”

Bilkom General Manager Fikret Ballıkaya stated that Bilkom continues its steady growth with new categories and said, “As Turkey's digital life coach, we exist wherever technology is present. We continue to bring the best brands and the latest technologies to Turkey. Demands for micro mobility solutions are constantly increasing in Turkey as well as in the world. We joined forces with Segway-Ninebot to meet this undeniable increase with the best quality products in Turkey. We are excited to come together with a brand that directs the sector in this field as well as in all the categories we have entered. With Bilkom's experience and end-to-end solutions, we will make the world leader in the KickScooter category the leader in Turkey as well.” said.

Segway-Ninebot APAC&MEA General Manager John Peng said, “We are very happy to enter the Turkish market with a strong business partner like Bilkom. I believe that we will quickly dominate the market with the synergy we have created with Bilkom. We will take micro-mobility to a higher level in Turkey with our KickScooters, which are equipped with advanced safety and comfort features, which we have developed to make the journey more enjoyable and exciting, and which we bring together with consumers all over the world.” used the phrases.

Safe transportation with Segway-Ninebot KickScooter Models with unique features

Combining high technology with driving comfort and safety, Segway-Ninebot pioneers micro-mobility technology innovation and makes fun a part of the journey. The company, which has reached the production of 10 million KickScooters to date, offers both a longer range and an efficient battery use with its RideyLONG battery technology. Offering safer driving with its Traction Control System (TCS), KickScooters also have features that are not available in the market, such as the Find Apple feature.

With its mission to 'simplify the movement of people and things while making life more comfortable and interesting,' global technology company Segway-Ninebot is constantly pushing its products one step further and driving the industry to respond to micro-mobility needs.

MAX G2, the ultimate mobility model

Segway-Ninebot's new KickScooter model offers the best riding experience. With its powerful rear-wheel drive engine, 22-inch self-sealing tires and new RideyLONG technology, which can easily advance even on 900 percent inclined ramps and reach 10W output power, it provides an extra long range advantage of up to 70 km on a single charge. (ECO Mode Range: Tested while driving at full battery, 75 kg load, 25°C, average speed of 12 km/h on pavement.)

The MAX G2 takes driving to the next level while offering more control, safety and comfort for drivers. The front hydraulic suspension and rear double spring suspension make the journey even more comfortable, while the anti-theft horn and the 'Traction Control System' (TCS) ensure user safety.

A powerful KickScooter for intermediate riders

Consisting of F2, F2 Plus and F2 Pro models, the F2 Series provides more comfortable driving with wider handlebars for better stability, integrated direction indicators for safe riding, self-sealing 10-inch self-sealing tires, while providing smart control with a combination of powerful engines and high battery capacity. . F2 Pro also has front spring suspension hardware for those looking for more comfort.

The E2 series, consisting of E2 and E2 Plus KickScooters, offers an extremely affordable and practical solution, thanks to its expanded new instrument panel, durable hollow solid tires for enhanced shock absorption, double braking system and powerful motor to cover shorter distances.

The C2 series, which includes a KickScooter special for children of all ages and physiques, has safety features such as drum brakes and more robust chassis that parents will confidently prefer. The C2 Pro is also equipped with an integrated Bluetooth speaker and has a speed limiter that parents can set via the mobile app.

Segway-Ninebot products offered for sale with Bilkom assurance include MAX G2023, F2, F2 Plus, F2 Pro, E2, E2 Plus, C2 and C2 Pro KickScooter products, GT2, GT1 model Moto-Scooters and electric karting products that the company launched in 2. model GoKart Pro.