TCA to Recruit 25 Assistant Auditors


Assistant Auditor Candidates will be selected for 25 (twenty-five) vacancies among those who have the following qualifications by the Presidency of Turkish Court of Accounts. Candidates will be subjected to qualifying, written and interview exams.

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Persons who will take the exam;

a) To have the general qualifications specified in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

b) Not to have completed the age of 35 (thirty-five) as of the first day of January of the year in which the qualifying exam is held (born on 1 January 1988 or later),

c) To have completed one of the faculties of law, political sciences, economics, business administration, economics and administrative sciences or at least a four-year faculties or higher schools in Turkey or abroad, the equivalence of which is accepted by the Higher Education Council,

ç) Not to have a health-related condition that prevents him from performing his duty as an auditor all over the country.

Exam Applications:

a) It will be between 19-25 July 2023. The late application day is 03 August 2023.

b) Applications for the exam will be taken electronically through ÖSYM application centers or individually via the internet (ÖSYM' ​​internet address) or ÖSYM Candidate Transactions Mobile Application. The address of ÖSYM application centers will be on the web page of ÖSYM. ÖSYM application centers will receive applications on the official business day and between official business hours.
c) Candidates who do not have a valid photograph in the Candidate Processing System of ÖSYM and/or who have a change in their education information will apply from ÖSYM application centers.

Candidates who have a valid photograph and educational information in ÖSYM's Candidate Transactions System can submit their applications individually via the internet (with their TC ID Numbers and candidate passwords from the ÖSYM' ​​Internet address) or from the ÖSYM Candidate Transactions Mobile Application or any application they wish. from the centre. Applications by post will not be accepted.

Qualifying examination:

a) It will be held on 03 September 2023 in Ankara.

b) It will start at 10.15:140. The answering time for the exam will be 10.00 minutes. Candidates will not be admitted to the exam halls after XNUMX:XNUMX.

c) General Ability Test, General Culture Test and Field Knowledge; Economics Test, Finance Test, Law Test, Accounting Test will be applied.

ç) The weights of the tests in the evaluation of the results; The General Aptitude Test will be forty percent, the General Culture Test will be ten percent, the Economics Test will be twelve and a half percent, the Finance Test will be twelve and a half percent, the Law Test will be twelve and a half percent, and the Accounting Test will be twelve and a half percent.

Written Exam:

a) The written exam, which is organized according to the classical method, to which the candidates who are successful in the qualifying exam will be subjected, will be administered in two sessions at the specified dates and times in the following areas.

Session I: Saturday, November 04, 2023 10.15-12.15 / 14.45-16.45

II. Session: 05 November 2023 Sunday 10.15-12.15 / 14.45-16.45

The written exam will be held by ÖSYM in the fields of Law, Finance, Economics, Composition, Elective Group (Commercial Law or Accounting) according to the classical method. (The composition will be written in the restricted area on an A4 sheet given to the candidates.) Commercial Law and Accounting are elective among the written exam areas, and the candidates will specify the area they will choose in the candidate application form.
In the evaluation of the results, the weights of the fields will be equal.

b) Candidates who have the right to take the Written Examination can enter the written exam in which building and hall, the date and time of the exam, which they will obtain by entering their TR Identity Number and the candidate password from ÖSYM's internet address ​​within the week of the written exam. They will enter the Exam with an Entrance Document.

Other Considerations:

a) The protocol signed between our Presidency and ÖSYM will be published on the website of our Presidency ( In the protocol, information about the exam and the issues that candidates must comply with are specified in detail. In addition, candidates can access the guide, which contains detailed information about the exam, from the website of ÖSYM.

b) Candidates act in accordance with the provisions in the protocol and guide, and the provisions of the “Regulation on the Entry Conditions for Candidates and Examiners to Exam Buildings” published in the Official Gazette dated September 26, 2012 and numbered 28423, and the security measures regarding the exam practices published on the OSYM website. they must comply.

c) Exam results will be announced on the web page of ÖSYM, and exam results will not be sent to the addresses of the candidates. Candidates will be able to learn their exam results from ÖSYM's website ​​or mobile applications with their TR Identity Numbers and candidate passwords.

ç) Candidates; in case they want the examination result to be examined, within 10 days at the latest after the results are announced by ÖSYM in electronic environment; In case of objection to the exam questions, they should apply to ÖSYM within 3 working days from the exam date.

d) Those who do not make the application process, do not fulfill the application conditions, whose application is deemed invalid/cancelled/deleted, who do not or cannot take the exam, who are not taken or removed from the exam, who fail the exam or whose exam is deemed invalid, who pay a fee for a transaction that does not require a fee, for the same transaction Exam fees paid by candidates who make overpayments are not refundable/transferable.

e) The responsibility arising from the violation of the application conditions belongs to the applicant. The Presidency of the TCA is not responsible. Candidates who are found out that they do not meet the application conditions cannot claim any rights.

Interview Exam:

Those who are deemed to have passed the Written Exam are entitled to participate in the interview exam. Since the place and time of the interview exam to be held by the Presidency of Turkish Court of Accounts will be notified, the candidates; Notifications, e-mail addresses and their handwritten and photographed CVs not exceeding one A4 page should be delivered to the Turkish Court of Accounts Human Resources Unit Presidency İnönü Bulvarı No: 45 Balgat-Çankaya/ANKARA in person or sent by mail.

Those deemed successful will be published on the website of the Court of Accounts. The results will be announced to the relevant parties by the Presidency.