Strike Decision in Izmir Metro

Strike Decision in Izmir Metro
Strike Decision in Izmir Metro

📩 17/06/2023 12:25

Workers decided to strike after the Collective Bargaining Agreement (TİS) negotiations between İzmir Metro A.Ş, affiliated to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, and the employer union Social Democrat Public Employers' Union (SODEM-SEN) and the Railway-İş Union could not reach a consensus.

“Listen to the demands of the workers”

The workers, who made a press statement in front of the Metro A.Ş building in Halkapınar, hung up the strike notice. Demiryol-İş İzmir Branch President Hamdullah Giral stated that the start date of the strike will be announced later and said that they wanted to finish the process at the table.

Giving information about the CLA process that started on February 27, Giral stated that 77 articles in the 50-item CLA draft were signed, and 27 of the remaining 21 articles were related to wages. Giral said, “Listen to the voice of the worker, value their labor! If you do not give, we will ask your account badly. If you persist in your stubbornness not to repay the sweat of the subway worker, the switch will go down in the subway and tram. "I will hold accountable for those who succumbed to their greed during the contract process and come before us with the termination of employment contracts, and those who did not take our cars to their workplaces," he said.

Union's Demands

In addition to the increase in the union root wages, an increase in the rate of inflation plus 5 percent welfare share in every next six months, increase of bonuses from 112 days to 125 days, food aid, increase in night work wages, shift bonus, overtime wage, job risk premiums and other social rights are paid by the municipality. He wants to be brought to the same level with his companies. In addition, demands such as rail system bonus, clothing aid, holiday allowance, moving aid, underground compensation are also being negotiated.