Sunburns Can Leave Permanent Damage

Sunburns Can Leave Permanent Damage
Sunburns Can Leave Permanent Damage

📩 21/06/2023 15:25

Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital Dermatology Specialist. Dr. Instructor U. Özlem Akın pointed out that sunburns can cause permanent damage beyond complaints such as pain and redness. Noting that especially in recent years, the thinning of the ozone layer, the tanned skin becoming fashionable, and the increase in the use of artificial light sources such as solariums are also effective in the increase in sunburns, Dermatology specialist Dr. Instructor Member Özlem Akın said that one of the most important risk groups in the formation of burns is those who expose their skin to UV light from sunlight or artificial sources such as solarium without using sunscreen.

Explaining that excessive exposure to the sun's UV rays, sunburn, premature skin aging and even skin cancer can result, Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital Dermatology specialist Dr. Instructor U. Özlem Akın said, “Although there are factors such as environmental factors and heredity for skin cancer, unprotected sun exposure is also an important factor.”

“Use the shade rule to determine the risk of sunburn”

Saying that the indicator of how strong the sun is in terms of the risk of sunburn is the UV index, Dr. Instructor U. Özlem Akın said that the higher this value, the higher the risk of burns. Reminding that the time required for the burn to occur also shortens with the increase in the value, Dr. Instructor U. Akın explained the following about the shadow rule that can be used to find the right time:

“When you look at your shadow, the fact that you are shorter than your height indicates that the sun's UV rays are strong and you must be protected. For this reason, the UV index must be examined. It should also be noted that UV rays are stronger at higher altitudes. Therefore, it should not be forgotten that people who are interested in sports such as mountaineering and skiing can easily get burned. Because up to 85% of UV rays are reflected from snow, 15% from sand and 10% from water.”

“Medical aid should be sought without delay in severe burns”

Stating that the degree of sunburns in the healing process, the presence of diseases that delay wound healing such as diabetes, or the right or wrong interventions to the burn are effective. Instructor U. Özlem Akın said, “Likewise, the recovery time is directly proportional to the severity of the burn. Because with severe burns, it will take time for the body to replace the damaged skin layer. For this reason, while the complaints begin to decrease in 3-5 days in mild sunburns, recovery may take several weeks in more severe burns. Factors such as the person's age and general health status are also effective in the recovery process. For this reason, mild burns can be expected to heal on their own, but medical help should be sought in more severe burns.

Dr. Instructor U. Özlem Akın gave the following information on what can be done in the first place in case of sunburn: “It is absolutely necessary to protect yourself from the sun during the healing process. Burnt areas should be covered with appropriate clothing. In order to heal the wound and to protect it from possible infections, the blisters should never be blown. In addition, a warm shower can be taken to reduce pain. Afterwards, the moisture of the skin should be protected by using moisturizers containing aloe vera. In order to prevent water loss, attention should be paid to consuming extra water.” made statements.

“Do not enter the pool if you have sunburn”

Pointing out that people with sunburn should never enter the pool and pop the bubbles, Dr. Instructor U. Özlem Akın said, “Chlorine in the pool water will damage the skin. The blisters should be cleaned with soap and water, applied with antibiotic cream, and covered with a bandage to protect them. he said.

Do not go out in the sun without taking these precautions

Saying that the most important point for sunburns is to provide the necessary protection in advance, Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital Dermatology Specialist Dr. Instructor U. Özlem Akın gave the following information about the measures that can be taken:

“One of the precautions that can be taken is not to go out in the sun during risky hours. For this reason, unless it is necessary, you should not go out in the sun between 10:00-16:00 when the UV rays are strongest. In addition, not only under the sun, but also when you go out, even if you are in the shade, you should definitely use protective equipment. If it is necessary to be outdoors, a water-resistant protective cream should be used half an hour before going out. If you are going to go out in the sun, long-sleeved shirts made of tight-knit fabrics, beach clothes, long trousers and skirts should be preferred. Color preferences in clothes should also be light colors.

The hat should be one of the accessories that must be used again. Hat; should shade the face, ears and back of the neck. Dark colored straw hats and sunglasses with UV protection should be preferred.”