GAGİAD Speaks on the Importance of Corporate Carbon Footprint

GAGİAD Speaks on the Importance of Corporate Carbon Footprint
GAGİAD Speaks on the Importance of Corporate Carbon Footprint

📩 15/06/2023 14:22

Gaziantep Young Business People Association (GAGİAD), which draws attention with its environmental awareness with the slogan of a more livable world and a greener Gaziantep, “What is the Corporate Carbon Footprint?” With his speech, he brought Metsims Sustainability Manager Orhan Atacan together with business people from Gaziantep.

GAGİAD Chairman of the Board Cihan Koçer, at the opening of the conversation held at the association building, stated that as an association, they take care to convey and announce the developments in the changing world both to the members and to Gaziantep. He said they tried to be.

Reminding that they have organized many organizations on nature and environment since the pandemic period, Koçer said, “Our priority is to protect the environment so that we leave better tomorrows and more livable cities for our children. That's why we don't give up our environmental awareness.” said.

Stating that everyone, both individually and institutionally, should be more sensitive at every step that may adversely affect natural resources, Koçer said:

“Each of us must take strict measures beyond being sensitive when it comes to the environment. At this point, we will talk about the benefits of strict measures that can be taken. As representatives of the business world, we should be trying to reduce our carbon footprint in our investments and facilities, both in the industrial and energy fields. However, we should not forget that some of our habits in our daily life as well as in our production facilities have carbon footprints, and we should act accordingly. Therefore, for a sustainable future in our production facilities, from our daily lives, we must carry all our existing resources to the future by making the correct and knowledgeable carbon footprint calculations.”

Sustainability Manager Orhan Atacan emphasized that the world has been getting warmer since the 1800s and the greenhouse effect is an important factor in this rise.

Explaining that the increase in temperature also triggers global warming, Atacan said, “Global warming and the threats posed by climate change cause us to lose control of the habitable world. If we can control greenhouse gases, which are the main causes of global warming, we will be able to solve the issues of global warming and climate change. Therefore, we need to measure how much greenhouse gas emulsions of which country, company or institution. We cannot fight what we cannot measure. In this sense, carbon footprints come into play. If we are to leave a world to future generations, we must find solutions to climate change. For this, there are things we need to do both individually and institutionally, which is the measurement of carbon footprints. If we do not listen to this problem and pay attention to raising awareness, a serious problem will await us all in the future.” said.

Stating that climate-oriented investments are coming to the fore with each passing day, Atacan said:

“For example, companies with energy-intensive production capabilities are now looking for alternative energy. Because now, generating energy with resources such as oil and coal raises the production costs. That's why everyone needs to make preparations and know the carbon footprint of their company so that they can continue on their way and come to the future as a healthier company. In this sense, some sectors pay attention to develop alternatives to meet their needs with solar energy and some with hydroelectric power plants. These studies, in fact, come to the fore in terms of the sustainability report. It is actually one of the most important reasons for corporate carbon footprints.”

After the question-and-answer session, the talk ended with GAGİAD President Cihan Koçer presenting the certificate of the saplings planted in the GAGİAD Memorial Forest in the name of Orhan Atacan.