Spend the Summer Safely with Continental PremiumContact 7

Spend the Summer Safely with Continental PremiumContact
Spend the Summer Safely with Continental PremiumContact 7

📩 19/06/2023 13:00

Premium tire manufacturer and technology company Continental introduces the new PremiumContact 7, a new tire suitable for many vehicles with all kinds of drive systems, to consumers. This summer, journeys are safer with PremiumContact 7, which has been proven by independent tests to provide better handling safety on wet and dry roads.

Continental's new PremiumContact 7 tire is on sale at dealers. Offering more safety to drivers on dry and wet roads in summer, the new PremiumContact 7 also confirms high safety standards with independent tests. The British automobile magazine Auto Express and the online magazine Tire Reviews declared the PremiumContact 7 the winner of the summer tire tests. German automobile magazine Auto Bild described its performance as "exemplary".

Tread design that adapts to every riding type

Continental has developed special shoulder elements for the PremiumContact 7 that adapt to the driving situation. While driving on wet roads, most of the water is discharged through circumferential grooves. Also, the contact area ends at the point where the water can be drained the fastest to evacuate a greater amount of water from the shoulder area. Its special design allows the contact area to extend beyond the shoulder in dry conditions, while narrowing the lateral channels for more power transmission to the road.

Tailor-made adaptations for each vehicle concept

Considering many different weights, sizes and power units, Continental has designed the PremiumContact 7 tire for optimum safety in accordance with different vehicle concepts. In addition to improvements in rolling resistance and mileage, PremiumContact 7 offers excellent road holding and short braking distances to vehicles with all kinds of drive systems, thanks to its special design.

Optimum grip even at low temperatures

Each element of tire rubber compositions achieves optimum performance at a certain temperature. Continental has succeeded in achieving ideal performance in the widest possible temperature range with the new compound developed for PremiumContact 7. In the spring and autumn seasons, the tire can provide a high level of grip even at low temperatures in the cool hours of the morning.