How much is the I Know award in 2023? I know how much is the prize amount?

I Know how much is the award
I Know how much is the award

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How much is the I Know award in 2023? I know how much is the prize amount? With the presentation of Alper Ateş on 360 TV, in the 'I Know' competition, one of the most watched competitions, among the topics that the audiences are most curious about are 'I Know the award in 2023', how much is the Ben Know award, how much is the I Know Contest cash prize. what is the 2023, I Know the prize amount?, I Know how much is the final prize, How much prize will be given to the winner?, How much is the I Know award, how many TL? So, who is Ben Know presenter Alper Ateş? What is the I Know Program Contest Award? How to apply 360 TV Ben Know Contest application form? I Know What is the contest format? How old is 360 TV Alper Ateş, where is he from, who is his wife, who is his daughter? I know who is the presenter, who is Alper Ateş? It's making calls.

How many questions are asked in the Ben I Know competition?

With the presentation of Alper Ateş, a total of 66 questions are asked in the competition program. In the warm-up round where 28 questions from A to Z (except the letter J) were asked, the contestants gave 40-70 points, and in the second round, the contestants answered 28-80 points out of 150 questions correctly. The two contestants with the highest score compete in the final and the one with the highest score wins the final. The two contestants with the most points in the first two rounds of Ben Bilir are competing to be the first in the final race, where 10 questions are asked in five categories and each question is 200 points. Competitors choose letters in order of competition. In the question that the first competitor has the right to answer the question, if the competitor cannot answer this question correctly, the other competitors can answer the question provided that they press the button first. If no contestant can open the correct answer, the letters in the boxes are opened to help the contestants give the correct answer.

I know what is the competition prize? How much is the I Know award in 2022?

The answer to the question of 2023: How much is the I Know Award: Competitors compete in the award section four days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They win prizes in the final on Friday. 360 TV producer made a statement regarding the award,

“As for the award, frankly, our preference is slightly different. When you put money into the business, there is a risk of losing that warm atmosphere in people. Therefore, we create a space where people can socialize with a smaller number. Our competitors get together with people who think like them. He lets them enjoy an hour and a half. When money is involved, other ambitions come into play. We do not prioritize this. It's not about not giving money. Competitors are also very satisfied with this situation.”

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According to the statements of the contestants who won the competition in the forums, it is stated that the award is around 10 thousand TL.

When is I Know Contest aired?

Ben Bilir Contest starts broadcasting every weekday evening at 19:00 and continues until 21:00. In addition, I Know Contest is repeated at 03:00 at night and at 11:30 during the day.

Who is Alper Ates?

I Know Presenter Who is Alper Ateş
I Know Presenter Who is Alper Ateş

I know, presenter Alper Ateş was born in Samsun in 1982 and graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Radio, Television and Cinema. He worked as a reporter in Team A with Savaş Ayem, which was broadcast on ATV screens in 2001 and reached a wide audience with its social content. He left A Team in 2004 and spent a year working as a news presenter and radio reporter for Best FM. Alper Ateş, who started working in the programming department of Show TV since 2005, has edited many Show TV productions, especially the daily generation, and has been a reporter for more than 8 live broadcasts for 400 years. In the first months of 2014, Bloomberg HT presented the Super Puzzle challenge, a completely native format.