Mersin's 3rd Canalization Junction Opened

Mersin's Sewer Junction Opened
Mersin's 3rd Canalization Junction Opened

📩 01/03/2023 14:14

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair Department teams completed the 3rd canalized junction and opened it to traffic within the scope of their work on the 3rd Ring Road. Thanks to the canalized intersection that guides the vehicles from 3 different lanes, the waiting time at the traffic light will be shortened, and the vehicle density in the traffic will also decrease. The intersection, where the bicycle path is also built, was completed in a short time like 7 days and opened to service.

Roundabout turned into canalized intersection

The road arrangement, renovation and improvement works carried out gradually on the 3rd Ring Road by the teams of the Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department continue. The roundabout connecting the 3rd Ring Road, which is one of the busy intersections, with the 20th Street, was transformed into a canalized intersection with the arrangement made within the scope of the works carried out gradually according to the needs.

Thanks to the intersection work that guides the vehicles from 3 different lanes in straight direction, right and left turns, the waiting time of the vehicles at the traffic light will be reduced, and the vehicle density will be reduced to a minimum. The junction will also contribute to the reduction of the extra traffic density caused by the increasing Mersin population after the earthquake.

In order to ensure a comfortable and safe ride for cyclists, 2 tons of asphalt was poured at the junction where the bicycle path was built, and curb work was carried out at 300 meters.

“We aim for comfortable and safe travel”

Süleyman Tufan Genç, Civil Engineer at the Department of Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair, and the controller of the completed intersection, explained the features of the at-grade canalized intersection, and said: It is a junction model that aims to

Saying that it is the 3rd canalized junction they built on the 3rd Ring Road, Genç stated that the junction will reduce the traffic density and said, “This is the junction that connects the 3rd Ring Road direction to 20th Street. As you can see, it's an intersection with a pretty heavy traffic flow. Our 3rd junction on the 3rd Ring Road. The reason why we made a canalized intersection; We aim for drivers to travel as comfortably and safely as possible. In this way, we aim for Mersin people and our guests who come to Mersin due to the earthquake disaster that has befallen us, to travel in a shorter time and more safely.”