Relations Between İzmir and Frankfurt Are Strengthening

Relations Between Izmir and Frankfurt Are Strengthening
Relations Between İzmir and Frankfurt Are Strengthening

📩 08/03/2023 15:46

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Germany's Frankfurt Municipality signed a “Declaration of Goodwill” that will increase cultural, social, commercial and economic cooperation between the two cities.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu, who came to the city, Frankfurt Mayor of Germany Dr. Eskandari hosted Grünberg. During the visit, a “Declaration of Goodwill” was signed between Frankfurt Municipality and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in order to develop cultural, social and commercial-economic cooperation opportunities.

We will strengthen our relations

Noting that the Declaration of Goodwill will be very useful in intercity relations, Deputy Mayor Özuslu said, “As municipalities, we can strengthen and develop the relationship between us. We can strengthen the bond between us on culture, art, music and sports. We are ready for this cooperation," he said.

Izmir is a perfect city

Expressing that they are in Izmir for a very important task, Frankfurt Mayor Dr. Grünberg said, “Izmir is a European city. Izmir is a very perfect city. It is a city with good ideas. We know that the coming years will be better for Turkey. The 'Declaration of Goodwill' we signed is very important. This declaration will enable the development of our cooperation and the exponential growth of our friendship. I am honored to be here today and to see your friendship. We have close to 50 thousand citizens of Turkish origin in Frankfurt. The change in the image of Turkey in Germany will be achieved through these agreements. Economic agreements, cultural activities, education, environment and aid are extremely important for the development of friendships.

During the visit, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Barış Karcı, Frankfurt Parliament Speaker Hilime Aslaner, World City İzmir Association (DİDER) Chairman of the Board Dr. Ahmet Güler, Advisor to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ruhi Su Can Al, DIDER Frankfurt Office Head Arif Arslaner, Frankfurt and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats also took part.