Educational Support for Earthquake Victims Coming to Istanbul

Educational Support for Earthquake Victims from IMM
Educational Support for Earthquake Victims from IMM

📩 03/03/2023 13:39

The Lesson Workshops, where the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality contributes to the students preparing for LGS and YKS, to improve themselves in the courses in the basic branches, open their doors to the students who came to Istanbul due to the earthquake. IMM will include earthquake-affected students in face-to-face and distance education in basic branches from mathematics to English, from chemistry to Turkish, without seeking any application conditions. Applications for the workshops are taken from the website, while young people from the earthquake zone will be able to participate in all activities and services at the IMM Youth Offices.

Course Workshops, which serve under the IMM Youth and Sports Directorate, started to operate in order to contribute to the economically disadvantaged students to raise their grades and to improve themselves in the courses in the basic branches. 9 workshops opened in 11 districts, namely Fatih, Bayrampaşa, Küçükçekmece, Sultangazi, Esenler, Eyüpsultan, Şile, Kartal and Pendik, also help students prepare for LGS and YKS.


IMM also took action for the students who came to Istanbul from the earthquake zone. Students who had to leave the cities they live in and will continue their education in Istanbul will be able to attend the trainings held free of charge in IMM's Lesson Workshops.


Opening their doors to middle school and high school senior students and to all earthquake victims who have not graduated from within a year, 8th grade students learn Turkish, English, mathematics and science at İBB Lecture Workshops; 12th grade and graduate students will be able to attend Turkish language and literature, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology courses. Depending on the intensity of demand, accelerated programs can be applied for the courses that earthquake victims have not been able to attend since February 6th. Students will be able to participate in solving questions and lectures during workshops held by expert trainers. The resources are given to students free of charge; In the İBB Course Workshops, which provide the necessary contribution to the students in the preparation process for the courses and exams, students will be provided with PDR and educational mentoring support. Expert teachers in the workshops will provide training coaching to the students by guiding them in order to prepare for the exams correctly and to study effectively and efficiently. Counselors will encourage students to realize their interests and abilities before LGS and YKS, and to choose a school and profession accordingly.


Students will be able to apply to the workshops through the website Students who will be admitted to the workshops without any conditions will also be able to access the online education platform, which has the capacity to train 15 thousand students at the same time. Students will be able to access the platform with the username and password that will be given to them in the workshops. Students entering the online education system will be able to watch thousands of lecture videos, participate in practice exams, prepare for exams by using downloadable question banks, test books and thousands of study sheets.


Youth Offices, which are served by the IMM Youth and Sports Directorate, will also host young people coming from the earthquake zone, as centers where young people can contribute to their development, prepare for exams, relax and spend quality time with course and seminar programs for education, personal development and employment of young people. All young people coming from the earthquake zone will be able to attend all activities, trainings and programs held throughout the year in offices serving at 5 locations in Istanbul.

IMM Youth Offices provide opportunities for young people in areas such as classrooms, book cafes, analog and digital playgrounds, library, training hall, resting area, rhythm workshop, administrative offices, study area, computer training hall, seminar and performing arts area, audio study room and laundry. servicing. Young people can obtain information about the office closest to them and the facilities offered in the offices on the website


Bilge Göktürk Duran, Coordinator of İBB Course Workshops, said, “We will unconditionally register our students who were affected by the earthquake on February 6th, to their Course Workshops.” Thousands of our students affected by the earthquake were deprived of their schools and lessons. In order to eliminate these grievances, our Lesson Workshops will provide full support in the preparation process for the LGS and YKS exams free of charge at 11 points in Istanbul.”


  • 1. Anchor/ Fatih İBB Course Workshop
  • 2. Silivrikapı/Fatih İBB Course Workshop
  • 3. Bayrampaşa İBB Course Workshop
  • 4. Sefaköy İBB Course Workshop
  • 5. Sultangazi IMM Course Workshop
  • 6. Kartal İBB Lecture Workshop – 1 (Hasan Doğan Sports Complex)
  • 7. Kartal İBB Lecture Workshop – 2 (Uğur Mumcu Cultural Center)
  • 8. Esenler İBB Course Workshop
  • 9. Eyüpsultan İBB Course Workshop
  • 10. Pendik IMM Course Workshop
  • 11. Şile İBB Course Workshop

IMM Youth Offices

  • 1 – Cağaloğlu Youth Office
  • 2 – IMM Sarıyer Youth Office / Library
  • 3 – IMM Youth Office (Greater Istanbul Bus Station)
  • 4 – IMM Fatih International Youth Office
  • 5 – Haldun Alagaş Youth Office