BYD Will Enter Turkish Market with ALJ Turkey

BYD will enter the Turkish market with ALJ Turkey
BYD Will Enter Turkish Market with ALJ Turkey

BYD (Build Your Dreams) and ALJ Turkey signed a letter of intent for the Turkish distributorship of BYD's electric passenger and commercial models.

ALJ Turkey, which has been carrying out the Turkey distributorship activities of Toyota for 14 years, Lexus since 2016 and investing in the Turkish automotive sector for 25 years, will carry out the sales and after-sales services of the innovative and environmentally friendly electric vehicles of the BYD brand with this agreement.

BYD, which has sold more than 3,5 million vehicles globally so far, plays a leading role with its wide electric product range, premium design and high quality approach, as well as the "blade battery" technology that offers high range, performance and safety together.

BYD also stands out as the only electric vehicle manufacturer in the world that develops its own powertrain systems, batteries, automotive semiconductors, electric motors and engine control systems.

BYD Europe General Manager and BYD International Cooperation Department Head, Michael Shu, stated that they are very excited to present BYD's high-tech product range to Turkish consumers and said, "We believe in the potential of the Turkish market and BYD models with world-leading technologies will lead to successful results in the automotive industry. We are very excited to present it in coordination with ALJ Turkey. said.


“BYD will have an important position in Turkey with ALJ's deep-rooted experience”

ALJ Turkey President and CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt, on the other hand, stated that ALJ Turkey, which has made significant investments in the Turkish automotive sector for the last 25 years, has made another investment with the distributorship of BYD, and said:

“As ALJ Turkey, we are excited to present the latest electric technology models of BYD, the world's leading electric vehicle and battery manufacturer, to the Turkish market for the first time. ALJ's deep-rooted experience and high reputation in automotive distributorship will greatly contribute to the BYD brand having an important position in the Turkish market. We are confident that BYD's electric models will be greatly appreciated by automobile enthusiasts in Turkey.”