Valorant Getting a Team Deathmatch Mode


Valorant’s Deathmatch is getting a new version. Players can now queue up with their friends and try to score the highest kills in a game.

Many new things are coming to the Riot FPS this 2023; one is about Deathmatch. DM is one of Valorant's more popular game modes. Most players use this match type as a warmup before they enter unrated or competitive matches. Based on some leaks and dev notes, a Team Deathmatch will be coming to the game this year. However, we have yet to set any specific dates on when it will be available for Valorant accounts .

What is Deathmatch in Valorant?

Deathmatch is the only game mode currently available in Valorant with a different win condition. Unlike other match types where you aim to score round wins, DM is a race to get the highest kills. While you can still use your  Valorant skins  here, you cannot use your Agent's abilities, so it all relies on your gunplay. Deathmatch is excellent for warming up and getting your shooting skills in the groove.

Team Deathmatch in 2023

There will be a lot of new game modes coming in 2023, but the most anticipated one is the Team Deathmatch. According to the dev diaries, Team DM will feature a lot of changes, but it will keep the core aspect of racing to get the highest kill. These tweaks could include the use of abilities.

The current Deathmatch only allows guns, as players are assigned random agents and cannot use their skills. Since this practice is standard for the existing DM, the lack of confirmation about prohibiting the use of abilities in the post implies that it is being considered. We will need further announcements to determine if this is the case.

Our only confirmation on the Team Deathmatch is that it is coming out this 2023. Other details include the predetermined kill count to win and whether you can choose your agents. Fortunately, other new things are coming this year that players can also expect.

Valorant Lacks Game Mode Variety

Fans have always been slightly frustrated with the need for more game variety in Valorant. Since 2020, Riot has only introduced a handful of modes like Spike Rush, Deathmatch, Escalation, Replication, Snowball Fight, and Swiftplay. Some of these variations can only be played in rotations, so they can only be accessed for a limited time.

Swiftplay is the most recent addition, which is a shorter version of Unrated games. Many players are delighted to hear the announcement that there will be new upcoming game modes. New variations mean more content to explore, wherein they can take a break from grinding competitive matches.

Aside from the upcoming Team Deathmatch, devs have also teased they will have a take on the classic FPS game mode. While this is still vague, this announcement may imply that they plan to make a variation similar to unrated matches but without using abilities. Valorant is unique because it adds the element of Agents being able to use various skills for utilities.

We will need further confirmation of this. We have little to go on about, so everything is up for speculation. The release dates have yet to be announced, but we are sure they will come out in 2023.

Other Features Coming to Valorant

Aside from new casual game modes, Premier mode is the most notable thing coming to Valorant. Premier is a variant of competitive play wherein gamers can engage in higher-level matches compared to the usually ranked instances. In the words of the devs, Premier is a way for players to reach a goal beyond Radiant. This new objective will allow pros and hardcore grinders to have matches like actual esports games.

Premier will feature many new features, like creating a static team to compete in various scheduled games throughout the season. These squads will be placed in a roster wherein they try to climb the leaderboard to become the top groups in their region. At the end of every season, there will potentially be a tournament wherein the best of the best will compete to become Division Champions.

This competitive mode is still in Alpha Testing and is only available to specific regions for more optimization. There is no exact release date, and it was never revealed that it's supposed to come out this 2023. Since Premier is already in the testing phase since October 2022, it might also become available to Valorant accounts this year.

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