Last Minute: 10-Month State of Emergency Declared in 3 Provinces

Last Minute Monthly State of Emergency Declared in Province
Last Minute 10-Month State of Emergency Declared in 3 Provinces

Turkey was shaken by two major earthquakes that occurred 9 hours apart. While search and rescue efforts continue in 10 provinces, President Erdoğan announced that the death toll rose to 3 and that 549 were injured. Erdogan also announced that a 22-month state of emergency was declared in 168 provinces.

Kahramanmaraş woke up to an earthquake, the epicenter of which was Pazarcık district, on Monday, February 6th. It caused great destruction in Kahramanmaraş, Kilis, Diyarbakır, Adana, Osmaniye, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Adıyaman, Malatya and Hatay.

The latest information came from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who made a statement about the earthquake.

Highlights from Erdogan's speech:

“Experts say, “There is no example in the world” for the earthquake. We are faced with one of the greatest disasters not only in the history of our Republic, but also in our geography and the world.

So far, 54 thousand tents, 102 thousand beds and other necessities have been sent to the region. Our state has started to work in disaster areas with all its institutions, personnel, intermediaries and the spirit of mobilization. In the first place, we allocated 100 billion liras to our institutions for emergency aid and support activities.

Currently, our 53 search-and-rescue personnel and support personnel are working in the wreckage area. The number is increasing with each passing hour with teams from Turkey and abroad. Our Gendarmerie is on duty in the disaster area with its thousands of expert personnel as well as 317 cargo planes, and our Coast Guard Command with its ships and boats. In addition to its thousands of personnel, our TAF takes part in the works with all its facilities, including 26 ships and 10 cargo planes.

Nearly 1000 ambulances, 241 UMKE teams and 2 thousand health personnel on board 5 ambulances have been transferred to the region.

In addition to the units affiliated to our ministries, all our municipalities send aid to the region regardless of party.


We have 3 thousand 549 deaths and 22 thousand 168 injured. Our biggest consolation is that more than 8 thousand of our citizens have been rescued from the rubble so far.


Based on the authority given to us by Article 119 of the Constitution, we decided to declare a state of emergency. We declare our 10 provinces where the earthquake was experienced as Disaster Areas Affecting General Life. We will quickly complete the Presidency and Parliamentary processes regarding the State of Emergency decision, which will cover 10 provinces where earthquakes have occurred and will last for 3 months.

Our prosecutors identify those who attempt to cause social chaos through inhumane methods and take necessary actions. We follow those who intend to set our people against each other with fake news and distortions. When the day comes, not the day of discussion, we will open the notebook we keep.

I invite our citizens and business world who want to help heal the wounds of the earthquake to donate to AFAD accounts.”

📩 07/02/2023 15:17

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