İzmir Metropolitan Works to Heal the Wounds of the Earthquake in Adıyaman

Izmir Buyuksehir Adiyamanda Works to Heal the Wounds of the Earthquake
İzmir Metropolitan Works to Heal the Wounds of the Earthquake in Adıyaman

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality turned the 60-decare land opened by 2-year-old earthquake survivor Hasan Yavuz from Adıyaman into a coordination center. The center, where all works are managed, from a soup kitchen for 3 people to the distribution of aid, is working to heal the wounds of the earthquake in Adıyaman.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams continue to create living spaces for earthquake victims in the four cities most affected by the earthquake. While aids coming to the region are delivered to the mountain villages from the center of Adıyaman, in the 2-decare coordination center established by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Adıyaman, efforts are underway to create a temporary shelter in the center.

Aysel Özkan, Disaster Coordination Unit Officer of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, who gave information about the works in the coordination center, said, “As İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, we are stationed here. First, we established our logistics area. Here, we have a soup kitchen that produces food for 3 people and our aid unit. Our food distribution continues in towns, villages and points of need. We also supported Mersin and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipalities in Adıyaman. Apart from this, we provide food and hygiene packages, blankets, clothing and stove assistance. Our citizens reach us, we reach them and we try to manage the process as quickly as possible”.

“They gave everything from needle to thread”

60-year-old Adıyaman earthquake survivor Hasan Yavuz, who voluntarily allocated a place for the coordination unit of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and supported by staying in the center, thanked İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for their assistance. Yavuz said, “After the earthquake, the first Izmir Metropolitan Municipality came here. They asked us for a place, so I gave my place to them. They are delivering hot food here. They take them to the villages. God Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerMay he be pleased with his employees. They meet all our needs. Before the municipality came, this place was a nightmare, we were afraid. After they came, we got a little refreshed. They gave tents, gave wood, gave everything from needle to thread. They take aid to mountain villages," he said.