İBB stands by the Children of Hatay

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İBB stands by the Children of Hatay

📩 28/02/2023 15:00

Istanbul, which was paired with Hatay by AFAD after the Kahramanmaraş-centered twin earthquakes, continues its work in the region. At the forefront of these efforts is our children affected by the earthquake. While the wounds continued to heal after the two major earthquakes we experienced on February 6, our children in the region were not forgotten either. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), which started to work in Hatay with all its related units right after the earthquake, continues its activities for children in order to alleviate the difficulties experienced by our children affected by the earthquake.


IMM Social Services Department carries out kindergarten and psychological support activities as well as in-kind support for babies and children in the disaster area. Within the scope of in-kind support; 2 thousand boxes of baby clothes, 22 thousand boxes of diapers, 5 thousand boxes of baby food, 500 thousand 8 boxes of toys, 700 thousand 94 boxes of children's clothes and XNUMX baby carriages were sent to Hatay.

The workshop “Samandağ, Our Home”, which was devotedly created by the Social Services Branch Directorate to help children get rid of the effects of the earthquake, albeit for a moment, and to have private spaces for them, was opened on February 18. Everything that should be in a kindergarten is also available in our 'Samandağ Children's Activity Center'. 'It is almost no different from our home, Istanbul. In the kindergarten, where everything from toys to coloring books, from reading books to textbooks is considered, psycho-social trainings are also provided.

In addition to workshops and group activities, it is aimed to minimize the effects of the earthquake with activities that will increase the solidarity among children. There are 3 professional staff from the Social Services Directorate and 4 staff from the Women's and Family Services Directorate. There are 19 children, 11 of whom are boys and 30 of whom are girls, in the nursery 'Samandağ, our home'.

• 0 children between the ages of 4-5,
• 5 children between the ages of 8-2,
• 9 children between the ages of 11-12,
• 11 children aged 16-11 years.

'Our Home Samandağ' hosts children from neighboring houses as well as children staying in the tent city. An average of 8 children aged 15-20 coming from nearby houses and tents also participate in the workshops.

Activities involving free association are held in our home, Samandağ. The content of the workshop, which is carried out with children, is designed to meet the needs of children.

In the ongoing workshops:
• Free association painting workshop,
• Gender equality workshop,
• Pastry animal world workshop,
• Rehabilitation workshop of damaged books,
• Knowledge sharing workshop,
• Cooperation workshop,
• Cooperation with HOP game workshop,
• Cinema Samandag workshop,
• Samandağ workshop that reads and writes,
• Free time activities (football, floor games, singing activity, etc.) take place.

our home is samandag


At the 'Children's Activity Center' within the Orhangazi-11 Ferry, which reached Hatay Iskenderun on February 1, the IMM Health Department, with its 4 personnel, carries out activities for children aged 3-8 and 9-15. On the ferry, where accommodation support is also provided, 78 children have benefited from the activities so far. Group studies are organized to help children get through the process with the least damage by being psychologically supported.

Works on the ferry are carried out for all age groups, including children, adults and the elderly, but especially in the studies for children, it was basically aimed to calm them down and ensure their healthy development. In the studies within this scope, psycho-education was carried out with the families of the children whose trauma reactions were observed to be intense, by making free observation in the kindergarten by expert psychologists. Parents were informed about the expected reactions to trauma and how it can be monitored and what can be done in children. Free playtimes were created with children. In the light of the knowledge that play is the child's language, sometimes one-on-one games were played, and sometimes group games were preferred in order to enable them to communicate with their peers socially.

It was observed that group games greatly nurtured their social development and peer communication. They were regulated with play tools such as kinetic sand and play dough. An area where school-age children can study has been created and an effort has been made to provide course resources. The library section on the ship was arranged as 'adult-child' book sections and it was ensured that books appealing to all age groups were included. In addition, the children themselves picked the plush toys on the ship.



A painting set, Yuvam Istanbul magazine and toys are sent to both the Children's Activity Center on the Iskenderun Orhangazi-1 Ferry and our Home Samandağ Children's Activity Center. An additional 84 thousand toys will be sent to the activity centers. Planning for the "Education Tents", where various educational activities will be held with women, the elderly and children, continues.


IMM Culture Department started IMM Culture activities for children in Hatay. Events will also be extended to the most remote points with mobile teams. Our experienced teams determine the activity, especially considering the trauma and post-trauma cycles. In Hatay, long-term sustainable-mobile programs were created by holding workshops, including children in the villages. According to the current structure and settlement of the region, 3 regions were created. Work has begun in the first region. With mobile teams, activities are organized for children and close contact is established with earthquake victims. Thus, it is aimed to be a part of the improvement process by constantly being in the region.

IMM City Theaters Children's Education Unit students are leading the toy and book campaign with the slogan 'Children Hand in Hand, Gifts to Hope and Brotherhood' for their siblings affected by the earthquake. City Theaters, which will open its curtains with children's plays on March 5, will launch a gift toy and book campaign. In the campaign, which will be a good example of our children's solidarity, children living in Istanbul will be able to add a book or a toy to their gift packages, as well as a letter expressing their feelings and thoughts that will console their earthquake survivors. In addition, City Theater plays will also go to the earthquake zone. In order to activate the healing power of art, the plays that will start primarily for mothers and children will be staged for adults in the long run.


IMM Department of Park, Garden and Green Areas is also working with the HOP (Imagination Playground) project in Hatay. Developed as part of the 'early childhood in cities' program under the brand of 'Oyun Istanbul', HOP provides service in tent cities. The mobile playgrounds are taken to the children in the works carried out with a professional team of four and two vehicles in the first place, which is headquartered in Hatay. The HOP team comes together with the children in these fixed areas 5 days a week. It also meets children in villages and outer parts of the city that do not have access to areas 2 days a week. With mobile playgrounds, under the supervision of professionals, children are provided with the opportunity to play and get away from the disaster. Children who show signs of trauma are also directed to pedagogues and psychologists to get help.



IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluvisited the area on the first event day of the HOP playground established in Hatay for children affected by the earthquake. Also, participating in the musical fairy tales workshop, İmamoğlu got together with the children and shared the moments when they got away from their experiences and played games with joy.


HOP is a program that works on the principle of transforming any place into a playground for a short time. HOP, which transforms a sports field, a small green area, a street or indoor areas into mobile playgrounds, carries elements that will stimulate children's feelings of discovery by improving their perceptions. In order to support children's play, simple and light materials are left in the activity area, allowing young children to play with materials according to their wishes.