Explanation About Stray Animals in Hatay

An Explanation About Stray Animals in Hatay
Explanation About Stray Animals in Hatay

📩 27/02/2023 15:34

A statement was made from the Hatay Governor's Office about the stray animals.

The statement from the governor's office is as follows:

“Debris removal works have started in the buildings destroyed as a result of the earthquake disaster on February 6, 2023. After the earthquake, many animals were left unattended throughout our city and contact with their owners could not be established. At the same time, the stray animals living within the borders of our province cannot find food to be fed. For this reason, in accordance with the Animal Protection Law No. 5199, in order to protect the welfare of animals and to ensure their survival, as well as not to face unavoidable threats to human and environmental health, our city's Metropolitan Municipality and district municipalities, in cooperation with voluntary organizations, if needed, It can be collected with vehicles and equipment, and the animals that are defined as banned breeds from the collected stray animals can be sent to municipal nursing homes, and other animals can be sent to different provinces on the condition that they are adopted or in cooperation with voluntary organizations and inform the DKMP Hatay Provincial Branch Directorate.