Şişli Habitat New Generation Life Center was put into service

Sisli Habitat New Generation Life Center was put into service
Şişli Habitat New Generation Life Center was put into service

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluopened the multifunctional 'Şişli Habitat New Generation Living Center', which includes a library, exhibition hall, Istanbul Bookstore, theatre, stage and co-working space. Saying, “As IMM, we are embarking on a quiet and profound revolution,” İmamoğlu said, “We draw our strength from the nation. We feel responsible to our nation. Our head bows only in front of our nation. Let everyone know this. We will never bow to any focus that sees itself above the nation," he said. There is also a new entrepreneurship center in the facility, which will bring a new breath to the science, culture and art life of Istanbul, in partnership with the Istanbul Planning Agency and ITU Çekirdek.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has completed the multifunctional “Şişli Habitat New Generation Living Center”, which includes a library, exhibition hall, Istanbul Bookstore, theatre, stage and co-working space. The opening of the center, which was put into service within the scope of the “300 Projects in 300 Days” marathon; IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluwas held with the participation of Şişli Mayor Muammer Keskin and CHP deputy Sezgin Tanrıkulu. At the opening of the new generation living center, respectively; Keskin and İmamoğlu made speeches. Saying, "We are opening a center that will be full and will grow and exude as you live," İmamoğlu said, "I am sure that everyone who comes here will continue to their home or work with hope. This center, which we describe as 'Habitat', will be beneficial and auspicious for our Istanbul, Şişli, its people, especially our youth.”

Sisli Habitat New Generation Life Center was put into service


“I am claiming that; As IMM, we are embarking on a quiet and profound revolution," said Imamoglu, and used the following expressions in his speech:

“The things we do and the management philosophy we put forward, in my opinion, with all my friends, even with our stakeholders, with our participants, not only with the members of our political party, but also with the members of the political parties with which we are allied, but also with the representatives of other parties that are in opposition in Istanbul today, perhaps with the search for quality, morality. We are Istanbul, which is in search of an honest and fair governance model. And this identity is like an R&D of the good days dreamed of by our Republic of Turkey. In terms of governance model, it is like an innovation center. We take every step we take in this sense, and we are in a position to imagine a large scale of it for our country. When you don't look at the issue like that, you will be barren, unfortunately, you cannot meet the needs of the world today and the demands of today's generation. In that respect, it's called a mentality revolution. Please follow us in this aspect.”


“We are changing the citizens' perspective on the city and local government. We do things like; After this time, no one will manage Istanbul carelessly. By ignoring the dynamics of Istanbul, its individuals and people, it will not be able to manage arbitrarily as before. Istanbulites are more courageous than ever before against the managers who try to do wrong things. Because they will say, 'We saw the truth. Rather, we demand better.' He will say 'Those things do not work like that' and point his finger at the managers. For example; They will not be able to put their eyes on the green areas of Istanbul's millions of square meters. They won't be able to think, 'We will build a building from shore to shore'. Because they saw that the urban forests were kept secret for years, decades. I wonder why? We, who brought about this change, now allow the people of Istanbul to spend wonderful moments and memories in those urban forests. Istanbulites will no longer allow such threats. For example; We are currently succeeding in putting the life valleys of millions of square meters into service at 15-16 points in the stream beds. After this stage, our citizens, who saw the vast valleys, felt and lived the dreams that could be established in such areas. From now on, they will never, ever allow anything else.”

Sisli Habitat New Generation Life Center was put into service


“The people of Istanbul will always stand tall in the face of wrongdoing. It's like making the Golden Horn Shipyard a center of culture and art while bringing it to life… Again, like the Paşabahçe Ferry in our own shipyard, a strong effort to create the memories and precious stories of this city from the past to the present… Again, to start producing our own sea taxis at that shipyard; It is an indicator of how many talent areas Istanbul actually has. From now on, no administration will dare to neutralize a mechanism in an area and obtain rent from that area. Those who intend this will find Istanbulites with the strongest character against them. In just 3,5 years, Istanbulites, I absolutely claim, have seen and experienced such beautiful things that no one will ever be able to persuade Istanbulites to less or less quality of these services.”


“Istanbul residents will now demand more nurseries from their municipalities. Istanbulites, who could not even remember the nursery in the past, will want more now. Istanbulites will no longer want only kindergartens, but dormitories. İBB, which could not produce even a single bed before, is now heading towards 6000 beds in September 2023. The farmers of Istanbul, who do not know how to support, said, 'I want the seed necessary for my production from you, I want the diesel from you; Where is my support? 'Do not leave certain works to the exploitation of so-called foundations and associations. He will appear in front of the managers saying, 'Produce good works with us'. IMM did not have a problem of finding jobs for citizens. With the Regional Employment Offices we opened, we have established a mechanism that has demonstrated the success of finding employment in the private sector of Istanbul for nearly 100 thousand people. After that, he will ask the rulers consciously and rationally, saying, 'Tell me, how many people have you helped to find a job and to find a profession according to that job'. We, for the first time in the history of IMM - something to be sad about, but- for the first time in its history, I do not say 'women' to senior management cadres, by appointing 'women' in a way they deserve, making IMM a municipality that stands at the forefront of equality between women and men, rather than a municipality for men. we brought From now on, citizens who see the lack of women in an administration, especially the brave women of this city, will show their fingers and demand an account like this.”

Sisli Habitat New Generation Life Center was put into service


“I firmly believe that we are doing very special works that change the perspective of citizens on the city and the local government, with an understanding of respect for people and care for the city. For example; Habitat New Generation Life Center, which we will open together today. How do such things arise? Would you believe me if I said this? 'I thought in the evening, I did this in the morning, it's done!' Not. I lead and moderate a governance model that causes these areas to exist, by trusting the administrators of this city, the people of this city, their open platforms, and entrusting myself to their minds, knowledge and ideas. That's all I've done. In other words, when you demonstrate the ability to establish a mechanism in which their minds are open, their ideas are open and at the same time they express themselves freely, they bring you such beautiful, such characterful and such permanent services. For him, this new generation living center is a multi-functional, high-quality, very special center. A great place to work, produce, learn and have a good time. The place of hope, the place of race. But the right race, the gentlemanly race. Not by tripping someone's foot. Not by taking the election out of the hands of a person who won the election. Or, this is not the place for people who ignore the will of the nation, go ahead of the will of the nation and say, "I am strong enough to do everything". There are only a handful of them left. We will send them too. Hopefully soon.”


“This is a nice summary of the mentality revolution that took place in Istanbul. For 25 years, we have lived in an Istanbul where even public areas have been transformed into rent areas. Wherever Istanbul sees a public land, 'When will this place be a shopping mall? He was living in an Istanbul that he started to say, 'When will it turn into another residence or this kind of space? We reversed that. We are not content with making public spaces available to the citizens, in case of need, if you find a very special partner for yourself, especially in the private sector, if you cooperate well with them, this is an example of how you can produce very valuable places for public benefit. In this respect, I would like to thank Tufan Bey (Balkan), the owner of this building, for his unity of mind, consensus and heart with us. While this place was used as a shopping mall, it suddenly turned into a new generation living center with a common mind and a common journey. Now there is the Habitat Library, which has a capacity of 500 people and a huge archive of 25 thousand books. There is also the habitat art space, which includes a 500 square meter exhibition hall and workshop. There are habitat scenes with two stages with a capacity of 200 people. With the Istanbul Planning Agency and Istanbul Technical University Core Entrepreneurship Center located on an area of ​​10000 square meters, a very special status will be opened to the talented youth and entrepreneurial youth of this city. Dear teacher, Ms. Gülsün (Saglamer), whom I am proud to graduate from the same high school, we thank you for the cooperation; thank you, exist.”


“Istanbul Bookstore is a very special place. We are increasing the number of news. 'Do people of Istanbul read books or not? Will it sell or not?' We have no such concerns, no measurements. But we saw that if you open a good bookstore in Bagcilar Square, your bookstore in Bagcilar Square will be in the top 3 among Istanbul Bookstores. No matter what you give to the beautiful people of this country, in which region, in which city, in which village, in which neighborhood, there are good-hearted people who strive to get good things. This heavenly land has beautiful children. Just give them good service. That's why I look at each opened Istanbul Bookstore with a different beauty. There will be places to eat and drink. A multifunctional public life center that will serve tens of thousands of people every day. I am waiting for all Istanbulites, dear young people, to this area in the heart of Istanbul. Of course, this is a place that fits a description like this; -When I do this, they say, 'You sound very similar' or something, fesupanallah-: Let me tell you where, let them make another analogy.”

Sisli Habitat New Generation Life Center was put into service


Reminding that they have also opened living centers in Beykoz, Üsküdar, Arnavutköy, Bayrampaşa, Güngören and Altınşehir, İmamoğlu said, “Life centers; It means social living spaces that accommodate different services, from sports to education, from health to employment, in one address, according to regional needs. Our Şişli Habitat New Generation Life Center has been functionalized precisely with this location. In this context, let me draw one more attention to our entrepreneurship center within this centre. This will be ITU Arı Teknokent and Istanbul Planning Agency Core Entrepreneurship Center. It will support the work of young people who want to enter the entrepreneurship ecosystem and young entrepreneurs who are already a part of the ecosystem. Within the scope of '300 Projects in 300 Days', I am very happy that this place is decorated and valued with such a special concept.”


Giving examples of the services they provide as IMM in the district of Şişli, İmamoğlu said in his speech, “The reason behind all these investments and the realization of these services in a short time is; It is our reward for acting with an understanding based on merit and justice, spending this nation's good money and budget morally, thus increasing its fertility. We get our strength from the nation. We feel responsible to our nation. Our head bows only in front of our nation. Very clear. Let everyone know this. We will never bow down to any focus that considers itself above the nation, in the presence of all of you. With these feelings and this determination, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all my working friends, colleagues, architects, everyone who contributed to the opening of this center, and everyone who put forth their efforts and contributed their minds and ideas to us.”


With the ribbon cut after the speeches, “Şişli Habitat New Generation Life Center”, which will bring a new breath to the science, culture and art life of Istanbul, was officially put into service. İmamoğlu and the accompanying delegation made examinations at the center after the ribbon cutting. There were colorful moments during the study tour.

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