What is HbA1c? Why is it important, why it rises, how it falls?

What Is HbAc Why Is It Important Why It Is High How To Decrease It
What is HbA1c? Why is it important, why it rises, how it falls?

Healthy Life Consultant Neslihan Sipahi gave information on the subject. HbA1c; It is a laboratory test controlled by blood. HbA1c value occurs when hemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen in the blood, is sugared due to high sugar in the blood. This value shows us the three-month average blood sugar course. It is used in diabetes control. The higher this value in blood tests, the higher the blood sugar level indicates.

The Importance of HbA1c

The constant high sugar level in the blood causes great damage to the human body and all organs. For this reason, it must be controlled and kept at target values. This test is especially important for diabetics to see the blood sugar level and keep it stable. Diabetics measure their blood sugar with the help of finger measurement or blood sugar tracking sensors during the day to observe the course of the disease and record them in their diabetes diaries. However, it is not possible to continuously monitor blood sugar, especially in the absence of a sensor. Hyperglycemia situations may be overlooked between fasting and satiety periods when blood sugar is not measured during the day, and this may lead to misleading results. At this point, the HbA1c value shows how blood sugar levels are progressing during the day and how high our risk of developing diabetic complications may be. For this reason, the HbA1c test, which gives the three-month average blood sugar, should be done every three months by every diabetic and care should be taken to stay within the ideal values.

What are the Ideal HbA1c Values?

In healthy individuals, the ideal HbA1c value should be in the range of 4.7-5.6%. If the HbA1c value is in the range of 5.7-6.4%, prediabetes; If it is 6.5% and above, it indicates the presence of diabetes. The target range for diabetic patients is 6-7%. HbA1c value in this range indicates that diabetes is well managed.

Why Is HbA1c Elevated?

-High blood pressure

-sedentary (sedentary) lifestyle

-Failure to achieve obesity-weight control

-Being a diabetic – failure to manage diabetes


Inability to produce or use insulin

How to Lower HbA1c?

Healthy Life Consultant Neslihan Sipahi said, “In order to lower the HbA1c value, blood sugar must remain in balance throughout the day. For this reason, the presence and type of diabetes should be questioned, and appropriate insulin and oral antidiabetic drugs should be started by the doctor. Diabetes management should be provided well, hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia should be avoided as much as possible. At the same time, nutrition needs to be regulated. An appropriate nutrition program should be prepared by a dietitian by determining the reason why the HbA1c value is increasing and it should be applied. Plenty of water should be drunk and the nutritional therapy applied should be supported by sports.

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