Last Minute: The Number of Dead and Injured Increases in the Earthquake

The Number of Dead and Injured Increases in the Last Minute Earthquake
Last Minute: The Number of Dead and Injured Increases in the Earthquake

According to the information received from SAKOM, a total of 6.957 citizens lost their lives in Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, Adana, Adıyaman, Osmaniye, Hatay, Kilis, Malatya and Elazığ provinces; 38.224 citizens were injured.

The installation of 50.818 AFAD Family Life Tent has been completed in the region for the shelter of earthquake victims.

Personnel working in the area consisting of AFAD, PAK, JAK, JÖAK, DAK, Ministry of National Defense, Police, Gendarmerie, UMKE, Fire Brigade, Ministry of National Education, Trust, NGOs and Volunteers, Local Support Teams and international search and rescue teams its number is 96.670. As a result of the negotiations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 5.309 personnel from other countries for help were sent to the disaster area.

Excavators, tractors, cranes, dozers, trucks, water trucks, trailers, graders, vacuum trucks, etc. A total of 5.434 vehicles, including construction equipment, were shipped.

31 governors, more than 70 district governors and 68 provincial directors were assigned to disaster areas.

An air bridge was established to transport personnel and materials from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir to the region with a total of 121 aircraft affiliated to the Air Force, Land Forces, Coast Guard and Gendarmerie General Command.

A total of 9 ships, 1 by the Naval Forces Command and 10 by the Coast Guard Command, were assigned to the region for personnel, material shipment and evacuation.

A total of 1.389.774.016,04 TL of emergency allowance was sent to the disaster area, including 250.000.000 TL from AFAD and 1.639.774.016,074 TL from the Ministry of Family and Social Services.

Disaster Shelter Group

10 AFAD Family Life Tent was shipped to 92.738 provinces that were heavily affected by the earthquake. The installation of 50.818 AFAD Family Life Tent has been completed. In addition, 300.000 blankets and 123.395 beds were sent to the region.

Disaster Nutrition Group

79 catering vehicles, 16 mobile kitchens, 1 mobile soup kitchen, 5 field kitchens, 2 mobile ovens and 86 service vehicles were commissioned from Kızılay. 2 mobile kitchens, 1 mobile oven from the Gendarmerie, 1 mobile kitchen from IHH, Hayrat, Beşir and Initiative associations were sent to the region.

In disaster areas, 512.436 hot meals, 322.264 soups, 490.813 liters of water, 406.040 breads, 4.450 doner rolls, 1.314.730 refreshments, 16.700 tea, 151.715 beverages (fruit and milk) were distributed.

Disaster Psychosocial Support Group

4 Mobile Social Service Centers were assigned to the provinces of Kahramanmaraş, Hatay, Osmaniye and Malatya. 1.488 personnel and 132 vehicles were dispatched to the region.

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