Black Becomes the Most Preferred Color in Women's Underwear

Black Becomes the Most Preferred Color in Women's Underwear
Black Becomes the Most Preferred Color in Women's Underwear

Suwen, Turkey's fastest growing women's underwear retail brand, analyzed its e-commerce sales in 2022 and announced its shopping preferences. Suwen's e-commerce sales channels were visited by 2022 million people in 16,5, and over 900 thousand products were sold. The most preferred color in underwear was black.

Black color, which makes the body look more elegant than it actually is, took its place at the forefront of underwear preferences with the right fabric, the right pattern and the right stitching. Stylish, feminine, elegant, sports, designs; With their comfortable patterns and functional model alternatives, Suwen products were again among the priorities of women this year in underwear preferences.

According to the analysis prepared by Suwen by examining e-commerce sales and loyalty program (CRM) data for 2022; The favorite color was black again. While panties were preferred the most in online shopping with 125 thousand pieces, bras took the second place.

Suwen, which appeals to every style, every body and every age with its nearly 500 product range in the women's underwear, home wear and beach wear (KIEP) sector, continued its growth in the e-commerce sales channel with the breakthroughs it made in 2022. While the e-commerce turnover increased by 100 percent compared to the previous year, the number of sales increased by 22 percent. The category that grew the most in e-commerce sales compared to last year was socks with 54 percent, while panties grew by 38 percent, bras by 37 percent and beach category by 24 percent.

More than 900 thousand products were sold

While over 900 thousand products were sold through Suwen's own website and powerful sales platforms, the most preferred product was panties with 125 thousand. Bras took the second place with more than 72 thousand sales. While the sales of three-pack briefs exceeded 40 thousand, black was the most preferred color. While the most preferred single panty model in panties was Christmas panties, the most preferred trendy panty model was stylish women's product models with lace details.

The most preferred model in bras, Miranda, which is the favorite of women with large breasts, preserved its place in the minimizer category. While black was preferred as the first color, capuccino took the second place.

White color was preferred for pregnant postpartum bras.

Fun pajamas and stylish nightgowns were at the forefront of home wear.

The most preferred pajama set by those who shopped through the e-commerce channel was the fun and colorful and patterned pajama sets.

While colorful designs were at the forefront of pajama sets with shorts, the most preferred pattern was watermelon pajamas.

In nightgowns, elegance was at the forefront and lace detailed nightgowns were preferred.

Nightgowns were also among the first choices of new mothers in the pregnant / postpartum category. Favorite color of the year is pink.

Long and short dressing gowns, which provide stylish and easy movement in home wear, were at the forefront again this season. In addition to short dressing gowns with plain satin embroidery, long patterned dressing gowns also attracted attention.

While men preferred a minimal navy blue patterned masculine pajama set, pink and fun patterns took their place in the front row for children.

Tropical patterns were preferred in beachwear.

While bikini bottoms and tops were purchased the most in beachwear shopping, black was the most preferred color for bikinis and swimsuits. Other preferred colors were blue and red. The most preferred pattern was the tropical printed pattern.

Ecru color was preferred the most for the pareos, which are complementary to the beach fashion.

Most socket socks were purchased from the Internet

In the socks category, which grew by 54 percent compared to the previous year, socket socks were the most preferred with more than 30 thousand sales.

While black color was purchased the most in pantyhose, the favorite of patterned socks was polka dot bootie socks.

62 thousand products were shipped with the OMS project

Suwen delivered 2022 thousand products in 62 with the OMS project (order management system), which opened all its stocks to all sales channels. Even if the consumers could not find the product they liked in that channel, they bought the stock in another channel thanks to the OMS project and the products were sent to their homes by courier. While there were no lost sales with the OMS project, the demands of the customers were not translated.

Suwen Board Member and General Manager Ali Bolluk stated that e-commerce is the second biggest sales channel of Suwen and it is expected to play an important role in its future growth and continued his words as follows:

“Currently, our main sales channel consists of retail merchandising, followed by e-commerce. Our sales through our own e-commerce platform at the web address and third-party e-commerce sales platforms have been growing significantly in recent years and the share of e-commerce sales in total sales is increasing every year. We continued this growth in 2022 as well.

We aim to achieve a sustainable growth line with a multi-channel sales strategy. Therefore, while increasing our store network, we are also investing in the e-commerce experience. In 2022, we launched many innovations that enable our customers to shop more comfortably through our e-commerce channels. These included innovations such as increasing the variety of payment methods, reducing the payment process to a single step, developing a fast membership function, and improving site speed. We also redesigned our website in accordance with the brand image and story.

As a result of all these innovations and investments we made, a total of 2022 million people visited our website and our store on third-party e-commerce sales platforms in 16,5. Our e-commerce turnover increased by 100 percent compared to the previous year and increased by 22 percent in terms of units. The share of e-commerce in all sales was 11.5 percent. In addition to our domestic and international store planning for the Turkish economy, we also plan to develop our e-commerce capabilities in the international arena.”

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