Storm and Snow Warning for Drivers and Pedestrians in Istanbul!

Storm and Snow Warning for Istanbul
Storm and Snow Warning to Istanbul!

Starting from the morning hours on Sunday, Istanbul will be under the influence of a cold weather of Siberian origin, and snowfall is expected at intervals until Thursday. İBB AKOM warned drivers and pedestrians against possible snowfall and frost.

It is estimated that Istanbul, where the cold and rainy weather coming from the Balkans has been effective throughout the week, will be affected by a colder weather originating from Siberia as of 08:00 on Sunday.

According to İBB AKOM data; cold air will enter the city with the northerly winds (Karayel, Yıldız) blowing in the form of a storm at 60-80km/h. The temperatures, which are currently around 5-7°C due to cold weather, will decrease to snow values ​​(-1, 3°C). Along with cold weather and storms, sleet and heavy snowfall are expected to occur throughout the province.

It is estimated that the precipitation, which is expected to be seen as rain and sleet in the city center as of Sunday morning, will be effective in the form of snow in the northern and higher parts (Çatalca, Arnavutköy, Çekmeköy, Beykoz, Şile, Aydos etc.). It is expected that the precipitation will continue to be effective in the form of strong snow in places with the storm throughout the province after noon (15:00).

Due to the Siberian-origin cold air wave, which is expected to be effective on Istanbul until Thursday morning, it is estimated that the temperatures may decrease to 0°C and below, along with icing and frost events, as well as strong, occasionally heavy snowfall transitions.

While citizens are warned against the negativities to be experienced due to cold weather and possible snowfall, IMM Snow Fighting Teams will be on the field under the coordination of AKOM throughout the week. Urban traffic and precipitation will be monitored with cameras 24 hours a day, and the main roads that are snowed and icy will be intervened immediately. IMM Teams, which will work in the field with thousands of personnel and vehicles, will immediately make the necessary interventions on the roads in the light of the technological early icing warning system data. Citizens will also be informed about weather conditions and precipitation.

Günceleme: 04/02/2023 13:40

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