New Cyber ​​Threat Report from STM: Ransomware Attacks Increase 62 Percent

New Cyber ​​Threat Report From STM Ransomware Attacks Increase Percent
New Cyber ​​Threat Report From STM Ransomware Attacks Increase 62 Percent

In the Cyber ​​Threat Status Report announced by STM, it was noted that ransomware attacks, which have become one of the most common cybercrime in recent years, have increased by 62 percent worldwide. While the report included the roadmap to be followed to be protected from ransomware, cyber security attacks against naval platforms and weapon systems were also scrutinized.

STM's Technological Thinking Center “ThinkTech”, which has signed important projects and domestic products in the field of cyber security in Turkey, has announced its new Cyber ​​Threat Status Report, which includes October-December 2022. The report, prepared by STM's cyber security and informatics experts, has 9 different topics. The Cyber ​​Threat Report includes many current and interesting topics such as the importance of cyber security in naval platforms and weapon systems, ransomware, one of the most popular cyber threats of recent years, and the "purple team" that emerged from the joint work of the red and blue teams in the cyber world.

Ransomware Service Available on Black Market

It is estimated that cybercrime, which has increased rapidly in recent years, will cause a loss of 2025 trillion dollars per year in the world by 10,5. In the latest cyber report published by STM, it was emphasized that one of the increasing prevalence of cybercrime, ransomware attacks, also known as “Ransomware as a Service-RaaS”, increased by 2019 percent worldwide in 2020 and 62. In the report, it was stated that the size of the attacks expanded and many important companies and institutions were exposed to these attacks.

In the report, it is stated that many organizations prefer to pay to get their data back instead of making the necessary investment to better protect their data. It was underlined that a cyber crime has arisen. “Even more worrying is that ransomware is now commodified and available on the black market as the Ransomware Service,” the report said. RaaS has expanded this lucrative space even further, enabling non-programmers to become active attackers and get involved in the ransomware economy. The rapid growth of this software is based on darknet marketplaces, while new developments in blockchain technology make it easier for criminals to create and share ransomware.

Ransomware Protection Methods

In the Cyber ​​Threat Status report, the steps to be taken to protect against ransomware are listed as follows:

“Links such as url and e-mail, which we think will pose a danger, should be avoided, and authentication should be done in the e-mail entry. Files considered important should be backed up, updated antivirus programs and strong spam filters should be used. Updates should be made frequently, the browser should be created. Sharing personal information should be avoided. It can also be possible to block IPs added to the known blacklist.”

The Importance of Cyber ​​Security on Naval Platforms

Cyber ​​attacks on naval platforms are also discussed in detail in the report. In the report, it is stated that the on-board information technology and operational technology systems of a naval platform can be hacked as easily as the systems on land.

The report includes an example of an oil platform taken from South Korea to South America in 2010, where the system was crashed using malware. Underlining that it took 19 days to fix the malfunctions created by the malware on the platform, the report also states that in 2012, as a result of remote intervention, GPS (Satellite Positioning) devices of more than 200 offshore vessels were disrupted, making open sea navigation difficult as a result of remote intervention.

Risks Come Up With Digitalization

The report also included the striking statistics of a previous study conducted in the USA on the computerization of weapon systems. Accordingly, the rate of software coverage of system functions, which was 1960 percent for F-4 aircraft in 8, increased to 1982 percent for F-16 aircraft in 45 and to 2000 percent for F-22 aircraft in 80. It was emphasized that digitalization in systems also increased the possibility of cyber attacks.

Most Cyber ​​Attacks from Germany and India

Data obtained by STM's own Honeypot sensors; It also reveals the countries with the most cyber attacks. During the months of October, November and December of 2022, a total of 3 million 777 thousand attacks were reflected on STM's Honeypot (Honeypot-trap server) sensors. The country with the most attacks was Germany with 451 attacks, while India ranked second with 423 thousand attacks. These countries are respectively; Russia, USA, Turkey, China, Netherlands, Vietnam, Moldova and Thailand followed. The passwords that the attackers tried the most were words such as admin, root, password.

Term Subject: Information and Communication Security Guide

The report covers the details of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office BIG Guideline Compliance Audit, which includes the information and communication security rules to be applied in public institutions and private sector companies providing critical infrastructure services.

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