First of Refurbished Emirates A380s Entered Service

The First of the Renewed Emirates Aden Entered Service
First of Refurbished Emirates A380s Entered Service

The first of the A2s, equipped with new features as part of Emirates Airline's $380 billion refurbishment program, entered service with Dubai-London Heathrow flight EK003.

Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline, said: “Our passengers will know the difference the moment they step on board; In addition to the spaciousness of the A380, they will now experience its even more impressive and comfortable appearance. With our latest interior design and products, this re-equipped aircraft enables us to offer more Premium Economy seats to meet the demand of our passengers while enhancing the inflight experience in all travel classes.

The first of the renewed Adens in Emirates is put into service

I am particularly proud that this refurbishment was designed, executed and completed within our airline, at our facilities in Dubai, to the highest quality and safety standards. This program showcases the world-class aviation capabilities and infrastructure of Emirates and the UAE.”

All cabins of the completely refurbished A380 are equipped with Emirates' latest products and interior elements. The 56 Premium Economy class seats in the main body and the new color palette that stand out in the carpet and wall panels were included in the model within the scope of the program. The First and Business Class seats in the upper body, on the other hand, feature the latest cream leather upholstery and lighter wood trim, similar to Emirates' “out-of-the-box” product. The UAE national tree motif, which has become the airline's signature, stands out in the interior and on the panels made with the handcrafted stencil technique of the First Class Shower & Spa.

The first of the renewed Adens in Emirates is put into service

The A6-EUW will be the next Emirates A380 to undergo refurbishment. The work is expected to be completed by the end of this month.

As the program progresses, engineers will work on two aircraft simultaneously. Thus, one aircraft in the fleet will be decommissioned and transferred to Emirates Engineering facilities every eight days. By 2024, all 67 A380 aircraft included in the program will be back in service. Afterwards, Emirates will start work on 53 Boeing 777s included in the project and plans to complete the program in 2025.

The first of the renewed Adens in Emirates is put into service

Emirates, which will implement the aviation industry's largest known aircraft refurbishment program, has hired 190 new staff for the project and is also working with 48 major business partners and suppliers, which also employs hundreds of skilled workers.

Teams of engineers and technicians worked day and night, removing and reinstalling the entire interior of the A380 in a carefully planned and tested pattern.

You can find out more about Emirates' renovation project here.

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