How should the semester break be planned?

How to Plan the Semester Holiday
How to Plan the Semester Break

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Hospital Specialist Clinical Psychologist İnci Nur Ülkü gave advice on what to do during the break.

Noting that the first half of the 2022-2023 academic year has been completed and an exhausting education period has passed, Expert Clinical Psychologist İnci Nur Ülkü said, “Semester break is an important opportunity for children to make a good start to the second term. Kids need a break once in a while. If your child's grades are poor, try to understand why instead of yelling and punishing him. It is very important for a child to be accepted as he is by his family. Instead of worrying about the weak on their report cards, children worry about the reaction of their parents.” warned.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist İnci Nur Ülkü, who recommends that the child's efforts during the year be expressed by his parents, said, “Allow him to express his thoughts and feelings about his report card. Evaluate the solutions with your child.” said.

Pointing out what needs to be done during the evaluation, Expert Clinical Psychologist İnci Nur Ülkü said, “Before you talk about the lessons that need to be improved in the report card, appreciate her high grades. Highlight areas of success. Do not compare with his sibling or other children around. When talking to your child, help him or her find the reason for low grades without judging them. For example, to a child who got low grades in math class, 'Your grades in Turkish show you understand the subject, but I think you have a little difficulty in Mathematics. What do you think? Would you like to review the working system?' you may ask. This way, you show that you understand and want to support your child instead of judging or criticizing.” gave advice.

Noting that expensive gifts should be avoided, Specialist Clinical Psychologist İnci Nur Ülkü said, “Avoid rewarding your child with expensive gifts because their grades are high. These types of gifts can send the message that you love your child only when he gets high grades. Children should feel unconditionally loved and trusted despite everything.” he said.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist İnci Nur Ülkü, who noted that holidays should be used for children to rest, gather energy, have fun, be with their families and take them away from the stress of the lesson, said, “Spending the holiday period without looking at the lessons may cause the child to enter a process that makes it difficult for the child to adapt to school. Even if the children's report cards are weak, they should rest during a part of the holiday, they need to rest and gather energy for the new term. Instead of restricting the child during the semester break, activity planning can be done after he repeats the missing subjects.” made a suggestion.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist İnci Nur Ülkü, who stated that there should be rules during the holiday period, said, “Perhaps children may want to sleep later during this holiday period. During the holiday period, you can talk about your rules with your children and stretch them a little more. Children's repetition of what they have learned will ensure permanent learning and academic success. For this reason, it is important to re-work during the holidays. Make a study schedule with your child during the holiday and decide together what time of the day he will study and do his homework. Missing issues can be supported at certain times of the day.” said.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist İnci Nur Ülkü, who stated that the use of technology in this period should also be limited with certain rules, said, “Determine your child's television, computer and tablet usage time by talking together. While doing this, it can be expressed not as a ban, but as 'this is the time allotted for this today'. Support her socialization by making plans with her friends. Schedule family reading times.” he gave advice.

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